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If you play on PC, you have these two free games on Steam to get you through the weekend


With these two proposals you can spend a weekend of the most varied and fun, and on top of that without having to go through the cashier.

If you play on PC, you have these two free games on Steam to get you through the weekend
These are the two free Steam games for the weekend

The Steam Summer Sale has now ended, leaving numerous discounts for all tastes. Now, the offers continue to come and go on the Valve platform, as do the free games from the said store. In fact, we have already shared several Zero cost game listings on Steamso surely you will not be surprised to see that we bring you a new post with more free titles in the said store.

On this occasion, we have two free games on steamwhere will they be available at zero cost for a limited time. What does it mean that these games are free for a limited time? Simple, you can download them from now and try them from today until Monday July 17so when you install them you can’t keep them forever in your catalog of games on the Valve platform. Now, if you like them and want to buy them, I’m sure you’d like to know that you can get them with a discount in its price during these days. That being said, let’s now see what titles are waiting for us on Steam.

These are the 2 free games you can try this weekend on Steam

steam port

Super Mega Baseball 4

“Super Mega Baseball 4 is where legends play. The unique combination of arcade style and immersive gameplay are back with more than 200 baseball legends and a wide variety of upgrades in the presentation”, reads the description of the game on Steam. “Baseball is better and bigger than ever in Super Mega Baseball 4 with new featuresmodes known as Franchise and Pennants Raceand much more. Furthermore, this latest installment has the biggest improvement in the presentation of the franchise to date with amazing new graphicsfrom animations to characters to stadiums, and improvements in sound clarity, from the dugout to the stands.”

The title description adds the following: “Following community feedback, Super Mega Baseball 4 introduces a whole new set of highly-requested new features that add new layers of depth, such as an expanded trait system with team chemistry, mixed drafts, and 6 new stadiums. To create an even bigger and more connected base of play, the cross-platform multiplayer has been expanded to include cross-generation matchmaking in Pennant Race and Online Leagues, so players can take on their friends online with more game systems“.

Download Super Mega Baseball 4 for FREE on Steam

prison architect

“Only the most ruthless wardens can contain the most dangerous criminals. Design your penitentiary by heart in Prison Architect. Distribute the spaces in the prison as you see fit, but don’t limit your inmates too much or you will run the risk of encountering a flood, a fire, a fight or riot. Get government grants and direct funds to combat diseases, criminal gangs, legal disputes and more. Turn your prison into the safer place as well as “morally correct” by hiring armed guards, psychologists, doctors, lawyers and informers”, they indicate in their description in the Valve store.

“Each prisoner requires personalized treatment, specific work hours and training workshops tailored to their criminal history. Try escape from your own prison maximum security in Escape mode or jump into online mode where you can test one of 12,000 prisons created by other players. Expand your empire without limits in Freemode”, they add.

Download Prison Architect for FREE on Steam

As you can see, they are two very different proposals that surely makes your weekend a lot more fun and variedwhenever you plan to spend these days enjoying some good gaming sessions.

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