Home Tech If your PC is too old for ChatGPT, maybe you should try WinGPT

If your PC is too old for ChatGPT, maybe you should try WinGPT

If your PC is too old for ChatGPT, maybe you should try WinGPT


It has its drawbacks, but it is an ideal alternative to put your old computer to the test.

If your PC is too old for ChatGPT, maybe you should try WinGPT
WinGPT is the alternative to ChatGPT capable of working on computers with Windows 3.1

As we have said on other occasions, the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and the tools that have been developed based on this technology have a very notable weight in our day to day, becoming one of the topics that has caused the most talk so far in 2023, and it looks like the topic of conversation it’s still far from over. And even more considering that there are people who are willing to create such curious things in the aforementioned field as the protagonist of this publication.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of WinGPTwhich is a alternative to the famous ChatGPTabout which we recently told you how it works for free on pc and mobilefor devices with Windows 3.1. The creator of him, who was dropped by Hacker News to introduce his creation, he says he didn’t want his 1993 Gateway 4DX2-66 to be left out of the whole AI movement, which is why he decided to develop this interesting systemthat will surely delight retro lovers.

Do you have an old PC and want to use ChatGPT? Well, you will always have WinGPT


WinGPT is the alternative to ChatGPT that works on Windows 3.1 computers

Another curious fact is that this developer, who calls itself ‘dialupdotnet’is the same one that has developed winda version of Wordle compatible with the already mentioned 1992 Microsoft operating system. So this one already has experience porting certain experiences to older devices that can’t support the original and newer versions. Getting down to business, this WinGPT works on Windows 3.1 connecting to open server through TLS 1.3something he achieved using raw C code with the Windows APIand always keeping in mind the limited selection of controls of software as old as the one we are dealing with in this post.

Likewise, not everything is idyllic in this creation, since it seems that PC memory was 16 bit and that was a significant inconvenience for the developer. As he has indicated, he had to minimize the amount of memory required by the program, WinGPT, which has meant that this system can only facilitate short and concise answers to the questions asked. In addition, the limitations do not end there, and it must also be taken into account that this tool you can’t relate your answers to previous conversations to the current On the other hand, surely you would like to know that the icon of this language model itself was created with the Borland image editorwhich is a clone of the legendary Paint, capable of creating ICO files.

Of course, if you can read the developer thread linked above, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Among all the comments, he also indicated that WinGPT also works on devices with a later operating system to Windows 3.1 16 or 32 bit. On the other hand, it seems that this tool not compatible with 64-bit systemsalthough it works if run from Wine.


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