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Indian startup Dukaan replaces 90% of employees with a neural network


Indian startup Dukaan replaces 90% of employees with a neural network

AI is what really entered IT.

Startup software developer from India Dukaan decided to move its customer service to artificial intelligence.

The transition to neural networks allowed the company to reduce the time to the first response to a client’s request from 1 minute 44 seconds to 0, and the time to solve the problem – from 2 hours 13 minutes to 3 minutes 12 seconds. Overall customer support costs decreased by 85%.

Statement by the CEO of the company on the replacement of AI employees

Dukaan said it was difficult to find qualified people to work in support, and therefore they decided to develop their own AI. The company does not disclose details about this AI. A company spokesperson also admitted that they had to lay off 90% of the support team, which was a difficult but necessary step.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), the largest non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to the problem of eating disorders (EDA), decided replace psychological hotline workers with a chatbot named Tessa . This happened exactly four days after some of the employees united in a union to demand better working conditions.

However, such movements towards replacing humans with modern technology, even in sensitive areas such as psychology, are slowly confirming the fears of skeptics. They claim that one day AI will occupy most of the niches of intellectual labor , and the “simple hard workers” will have no other options how to do hard physical work. Do you believe in such a development of events?

Also in March, Reach, the owner of the British Daily Mirror, Daily Express and other newspapers, began publishing articles written with artificial intelligence on one of their regional websites in an attempt to cut costs amid declining advertising revenue.

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