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Infogorod has developed the My ID application for storing digital documents


Infogorod has developed the My ID application for storing digital documents

Can the service replace our expensive, dusty passport?

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies announced release new mobile application “My ID”. GKU “Infogorod” developed it to store digital copies of documents, which can also be presented in the form of QR codes.

According to the developers, thanks to the application, users do not have to store individual scans or photographs of papers on their smartphone. Instead, citizens will be able to fill out online forms using the data uploaded to “My ID”.

You can save the data of Russian and foreign passports, SNILS, TIN, compulsory medical insurance policy, driver’s license, information about a pet, as well as identifiers such as a Muscovite card and a single library card. This should simplify a number of everyday tasks, including, for example, buying tickets or ordering passes.

As the press service of the Department emphasized, the application will not be able to replace the original documents. However, with the progress in the field of legislation, there is a possibility that in the future digital copies will have the same force as their paper equivalents.

“My ID” is associated with the user’s personal account and services of the portal. All information used is stored in the DIT Moscow city data center, which provides protection in accordance with the requirements of the information security regulator. The developers also provided the ability to set a pin code.

The application is already available for download in the App Store, Google Play, RuStore and RuMarket.

In February 2023, Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev announced the possibility of replacing a paper passport with an electronic one in 80% of cases. Responsibility for developing conditions for the use of digital identity cards was assigned to the government, the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In April of the same year, the Ministry of Digital Transformation presented project decree allowing the use of the application “Gosuslugi” for the presentation of documents, but the specific cases in which this would be appropriate have not yet been determined. Now the project is under consideration, its signing is expected by the end of summer.

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