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iOS 17 public beta now available: this is how you can install it


Apple has released the public beta of iOS 17 so that anyone who wants to can install it on their iPhone.

iOS 17 public beta now available: this is how you can install it
iOS 17 public beta now available

Came the day. After a month of the presentation of iOS 17 at WWDC 23, Apple has launched the public beta so that everyone can test it and help report bugs so that the release of the final version is a success. That means that you can have it on your iPhone and enjoy it without any problem.

iOS 17 It comes with news in the phone app so that you and your contacts have a customizable poster, news in iMessage, an improved autocorrect, What’s new in Safarihe Stand out and much more. If you want to try all the features that will arrive in a few months, we teach you to install it.

How to install the iOS 17 public beta

Although Apple has changed the beta system compared to previous years and they are no longer installed through profiles, the truth is that the system is still super simple and you’ll have the public beta installed on your iPhone in no time. To be able to put it, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We make a backup from Settings > Our Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up.
  2. We enter the site apple beta website.
  3. Click on Register.
  4. We log in with our Apple ID.
  5. We came in Settings > General > Software Update.
  6. At the top, we touch on the betas section and select iOS 17 Public Beta.
  7. We go back and install the beta version of iOS 17.

Before installing a version of this type on your main iPhone you have to take into account that it is a beta and it is not a stable iOS version. Although it is a beta that is released to the public and there should not be too many bugs, keep in mind that they can arise and result in applications that do not work, autonomy that leaves something to be desiredetc

Is it advisable to install the beta? Well, we cannot recommend putting it here. The developer betas within what fits go well and do not have any big bugs to not install it. Taking all of the above into account, a decision can be made. Although luckily, if you install it and it doesn’t work correctly, you can always go back to iOS 16.

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