Home Tech it costs less than 100 euros and has autonomy for 40 minutes

it costs less than 100 euros and has autonomy for 40 minutes

it costs less than 100 euros and has autonomy for 40 minutes


If you are looking for a cheap broom vacuum cleaner and loaded with features, this interests you.

The bargain of the day is this handheld vacuum cleaner: it costs less than 100 euros and has autonomy for 40 minutes
The head of the BuTure VC30 includes an LED light that will help you identify dirt on the floor

It doesn’t matter that we already enjoy one of the best robot vacuum cleaners from the market in our house. There are nooks and corners that need special treatment, a style of cleaning that robot vacuum cleaners are sadly useless for. This is where handheld vacuum cleaners come in. broom vacuum cleanerssome gadgets that in recent years have become as popular as their smart brothers.

In that sense, today we bring you a very good price drop in a model that comes loaded with benefits. Obviously it will not offer the same power as a Dyson but yes, it costs several hundred euros lessconcretely alone 95. We insist, it is not a high-end vacuum cleaner but it is capable of compete face to face with any of the Cecotec which are currently sold on Amazon for 150 or even 200 euros.

Buture VC30

Buy the BuTure VC30 at a minimum price on AliExpress

Interested? Well, take a look at the price because it is an authentic bargain. We are talking about a vacuum cleaner whose usual price close to 200 euroswhich is available for a limited time at an amount of €95.83which can be unlocked thanks to a special seller coupon (click on “Get coupons” and add the product to the basket).

For the rest, in just over a week you will have a broom vacuum cleaner at home versatile and with a lot of extras such as the led headlight or the hospital grade HEPA filter that it incorporates. When older, one of the great advantages of this BuTure VC30 is that it has up to 4 different modes of use: short vacuum cleaner, broom vacuum cleaner, carpet vacuum cleaner or car vacuum cleaner. Both the length of the neck and the various nozzles which includes set up very easily. When cleaning it, all you have to do is empty its deposit in the trash and that’s it.

As far as power is concerned, it comes with a maximum suction of 28KPa (10 times more than a conventional robot vacuum) enough to trap every last speck of dust in your home. Of course, it is compatible with the hair of our pets, being able to catch even larger dirt, such as bread crumbs, threads or dirt. Lastly, it comes with enough autonomy to half hour of operationa time that can be stretched if we do not abuse the maximum power mode. Despite its measured price, its battery is completely removablea plus thanks to which we can extend the life of the vacuum cleaner by replacing its battery in the future or simply have more autonomy using a second battery, which we can buy separately for about 30 or 40 euros.

Buture VC30

In short, a complete, versatile broom vacuum cleaner and above all, very very affordable. For less than 100 euros You will be hard pressed to find something similar.

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