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it is made of 99% titanium and is self-cleaning


The new Xiaomi MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti is made of titanium for greater durability.

Xiaomi launches the super thermos: it is made of 99% titanium and is self-cleaning

The most advanced version of the Xiaomi thermos is made of titanium.

For some reason, Xiaomi has released on the market two different thermoses in less than a month. The first was the Mijia Thermos Cup Pocket Edition presented at the beginning of December, and now it is the turn of the MIJIA Thermos Cup Tithe company’s most advanced version to date.

And it is that, unlike the rest of products of this type launched so far by Xiaomi, the Thermos Cup Ti uses titanium as a manufacturing material, with all the advantages that this entails with respect to the use of other materials such as stainless steel or plastic.

450ml capacity, medical grade titanium and capable of keeping liquids at the proper temperature for up to six hours

The main virtue of this new thermos is, as I said, the fact that be made of titanium. This material is one of the metals with the best hardness/density ratio that existswhich makes the thermos very light (it only weighs 21.5 grams), but highly resistant to scratches.

On the other hand, titanium offers a great resistance to corrosion, far superior to that of stainless steel. Also, it is used 99% pure titanium with TA1 certificate medical grade, which ensures the absence of heavy materials and the highest degree of purity. Xiaomi claims to have used a high-temperature crystallization technique to build the inside of the container, which makes it much easier to clean.

In this case, we are talking about a thermos of 450 milliliters capacitywhich can keep liquid hot at a temperature of 58 degrees or cold at a temperature of 10 degrees for six hours.

MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti

Xiaomi’s new MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti can be purchased in China from December 28

Apart from all of the above, the thermos includes a lid release button and has a built-in tea filter which can be removed for easy cleaning.

At the moment, the new MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti will only be available through crowdfunding from December 28. Their official price is 189 yuan, about 25 euros to change. This product is not scheduled to leave China at first, although it is likely that it will be available through popular import stores in the coming weeks.

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