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It looks like a mini-spaceship, but it’s actually LG’s new capsule coffee maker


In addition to its peculiar design, the Duobo by LG Labs stands out for being the first coffee maker on the market that is capable of extracting coffee from two different capsules at the same time.

It looks like a mini-spaceship, but it's actually LG's new capsule coffee maker
This is the Duobo, a new and revolutionary capsule coffee maker developed by LG by Labs

A couple of years ago, LG Electronics decided abandon the Android mobile market to focus on the development of other products and today it has just presented the first device created by LG Labs, a platform launched in the last edition of CES 2023 for bring to market revolutionary and functional devices.

It’s about the Duobo by LG Labsa capsule coffee maker with a disruptive design that makes resembles a mini spaceshipbut which has a series of really cool featureswhich we will detail below.

This is everything you need to know about the Duobo by LG Labs, the most innovative capsule coffee maker on the market

LG has just announced its first capsule coffee maker, a Duobo by LG Labs created between the Korean firm and Duobo, a startup specialized in coffee preparation technologies.

The first thing that stands out about the Duobo by LG Labs is, without a doubt, its design, since this coffee maker in the shape of a space probe is intended to be a small Tribute to the first landing of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969.

The second most striking point of this capsule coffee maker is that it has a Full HD IPS screen that serves as a support for the cups in which the coffee will be extracted. This panel provides us with a totally different experience when preparing coffee, since it allows us to configure the type of coffee we want to prepare and shows us a series of exclusive animations created by Duobo and information related to the coffee we are preparing

However, the most revolutionary thing about this coffee maker is inside, since the Duobo by LG Labs is the first capsule coffee maker on the market that has a double capsule extraction system that allows you to prepare two different types of coffee at the same timefor example, a black coffee and a decaf.

This new coffee maker created by Duobo and LG is compatible with coffee capsules of different brands and offers a wide variety of strengths, roasts, and flavors so users can combine and create your own mixes.

Likewise, Duobo has created a mobile application that allows you to precisely adjust the temperature and pressure of each cup of coffee and measure the energy use of each coffee extraction to monitor electricity consumption so that you can reduce it as much as possible. In addition, this app will be updated regularly with the usage data of the users to find out what types of coffee they enjoy the most and thus recommend new varieties of coffee that suit their tastes.

Duobo by LG Labs: availability and price

The Duobo by LG Labs is now available for pre-purchase through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with a promotional price of $399, about 356 euros to change and the first units will reach their new owners from December 2023.

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