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It will be a sedan with a price of around 40,000 euros


Someone claims to have “caught” Xiaomi’s electric car prototype near its factory and new details of what its characteristics will be leaked.

Xiaomi's car can be seen: it will be a sedan with a price of around 40,000 euros
New rumors about Xiaomi’s electric car come to light.

We hadn’t heard from Xiaomi’s electric car for a long time. The last time the project was mentioned it was in october of last yearin which the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, pointed out that production was advancing by leaps and bounds. The goal of the Chinese giant remains compete with Tesla.

Now new information has appeared (again rumors, unfortunately) about the electric vehicle of the Asian firm. According to reports from Gizmochina there is something that seems to remain constant: the release date is still scheduled for 2024 and you have an idea that it is a sedan, something that has been talked about from april 2021. The expectations with the price, however, have changed.

What is known so far about Xiaomi’s electric car

According to the source, much stronger speculation has begun since a camouflaged car near the Xiaomi factory in China. The vehicle was parked near the manufacturer’s science and technology park and, for now, those who have seen it are betting that it is a prototype of the Asian electric vehicle.

However, at the source a few features are leaked of what will be the first Xiaomi car (we insist, for now rumors). It is said that they will have Qualcomm smart chips and NVIDIA Orin X, the base model will be powered by a 400V battery, while the top model will be powered by an 800V battery.

Xiaomi autonomous car

Xiaomi’s car has been “caught”.

have also been thrown details about the engine of this new vehicle. It is said that it will have an electrical power of 260 kW, while it is maintained that it will be presented in 2023 and will enter the mass production phase in 2024. We already knew these details, but since they have appeared in more than one leak, it may be that have a seed of truth. Regarding the price, now the new rumors say that will be around 40,000 euros and that it will not be less than the 30,000 that were initially discussed.

The Asian automaker’s first electric vehicle is also said to be codenamed “Modena.” But it is also that there are rumors that they are already preparing a second electric carwhich is codenamed “Le Mans” and could be presented in 2025. It is said that this model has three electric motors and an architecture similar to that of “Modena”. We will see what finally happens with these rumors.

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