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Job seekers massively fool artificial intelligence to get their dream job


Job seekers massively fool artificial intelligence to get their dream job

The previously popular “White Fonting” gimmick has taken on a new dimension with the widespread introduction of autonomous AI systems.

Recently, in foreign social networks such as TikTok, videos with a demonstration of work are gaining popularity of an already quite old way of deceiving artificial intelligence when submitting a resume for a desired position – “White Fonting” or using white font in the text of a document. Numerous bloggers claim that this method helps the resume to pass the primary selection when it is analyzed by robots and artificial intelligencebased primarily on keywords.

The essence of the method is simple – a list of keywords that are attractive to employers from the job description is inserted into the resume, but this is done in white font. And the purpose of this manipulation is for the bot to read these keywords and then send the resume for consideration to a living person, who, quite possibly, will not notice this trick in the text, but will definitely consider the resume.

At the same time, without such tricks, even a good resume, but without factors important to the employer, tracked just by keywords, will not have a chance at all to reach consideration by a real living person. So the method, of course, is dishonest, but quite working.

An illustrative example of the exploitation of “White Fonting”

In fact, this method has been used for several decades, but is now gaining popularity again due to the high competition in the labor market. Employers, especially abroad, are increasingly using artificial intelligence to screen out a large stream of resumes, which is willingly led to such tricks.

According to experts, this method is unlikely to benefit the applicant. Firstly, not all systems succumb to this deception, and secondly, if the trick is revealed, the chances of employment will certainly be reduced to zero.

It is much more effective to carefully work out the resume and describe in it the real experience and skills suitable for the job. Honesty and transparency throughout the entire recruitment process is the key to success. Unless, of course, you are suitable for the position in question according to the employer.

However, the very fact that this type of fraud is gaining momentum only proves once again how imperfect autonomous AI systems are yet. It is definitely too early to introduce them into more serious areas like critical infrastructure, because there the cost of a mistake can have very tangible consequences.

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