Home Tech July security update reaches European Samsung Galaxy S23

July security update reaches European Samsung Galaxy S23

July security update reaches European Samsung Galaxy S23


The security update that reached the US last week is now coming to Europe, with 90 vulnerabilities fixed according to the vendor.

July security update reaches European Samsung Galaxy S23
The latest security update comes to the European Galaxy S23.

Just a week ago July update was coming to the US Samsung Galaxy S23. The Korean firm is being true to his promise to update their best terminals before anyone else, and this week it is European users who will receive the latest security update before it reaches other devices.

That is what they tell us from SAMMobilewhere they give us details about the update firmware numberamong other things. It seems that this security update comes quite loaded in terms of fixing holes in the system; we talk about it below.

A relatively big update

The firmware that is reaching European users It has the firmware version S91xBXXS3AWF7. The patch is about 430 MB in size, which doesn’t make it a huge update, but it is relatively large in size. The reason? Well, according to Samsung, they are resolved almost 90 vulnerabilities that were found in the previous version (the one from a week ago).

We understand that US users will continue to receive micropatches, as these vulnerabilities are still present in the version they received. Otherwise, since the previous firmware release there have been no significant developments in terms of performance or camerassomething that Samsung already began to solve a month ago. No progress is expected in this section.

To check that the update is already available for your phone you will have to go to the route Settings > Software update on your Galaxy S23. Another option is to download the firmware that fits your terminal and flash it manually, as long as you know what you are doing and have a Windows PC and the Odin tool.

Samsung Galaxy S23 are being a success for the Korean firm and, if you want to access one of them, you may be interested in knowing In which countries can they be obtained more cheaply?. In our analyzes the base model has come out very well standingthe same as the Ultra model.


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