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Keyboard not working when playing games on PC - Upgraded Tamilan
Keyboard not working when playing games on PC

Keyboard not working when playing games on PC

Playing games on PCs is something that many of us love doing in our leisure time but it becomes a frustrating experience when you can’t even access its menu using the keyboard. Find out what you should do when you notice the keyboard is not working while playing games on your Windows 11/10 PC.

Keyboard not working when playing games

Keyboard not working when playing games

It’s necessary to have a keyboard functioning properly while playing games because you’ll need it to type those signs and symbols required for entering your email address and password. If your Keyboard stops responding or is not working in-game randomly, or mid-game, then here are a few suggestions to help you

  1. Clean the keyboard using a brush
  2. Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter
  3. Delete the Stored Cloud Files
  4. Disable In-game overlay
  5. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

You are much more likely to encounter a keyboard problem than routine computer freezing in Windows. Nevertheless, it can be fixed easily by following any one of the methods described below.

1] Clean the keyboard using a brush

The first thing you can do is, try to find if some keys or keyboard has broken physically somewhere. If there is a physical impact, there is nothing much you can do. You need to carry this laptop to the service center.

2] Run the Keyboard troubleshooter

The System settings in Windows come with a new option called Troubleshoot. As the name suggests, this setting has some one-click solutions to fix various problems related to your computer. So, if you find games like Fortnite and others not responding to any keypresses, do the following.

Keyboard Troubleshooter

Open Settings, select System and go to Troubleshoot tile.

Expand it to choose the Other troubleshooters tile.

Then under the Other heading, hit the Run button, located next to the Keyboard entry to find and resolve the issue automatically.

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3] Delete the Stored Cloud Files

If the problem is related to the Steam Games like Warframe and Dragon Age: Origins that are launched through Steam, exit the game and Steam.

Then, locate and delete the remotecache.vdf file under SteamuserdataSteamIDAppID.

When done, start Steam again and check if the problem persists.

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4] Disable In-game overlay

Disable In Game Overlay

Then, click the gear icon to open Settings.

Under the side panel on the left-hand side, select General, then toggle the switch next to the In-Game Overlay option to the Off position.

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5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

If the keyboard is working but not taking the inputs properly, you can perform a Clean Boot and check. Once there, you can check whether the keyboard is working fine or not. If it is fine, then probably there is some third-party software or service hindering the keyboard in the normal state, which you will have to identify.

Can I play Microsoft games on PC?

Whether you’re a beginner or a gaming pro, you can play Xbox games on any Windows PC on your home network. Just Power On your console hit the Start button, and then choose the Xbox Console Companion to get started.

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Can a normal laptop be used for gaming?

Normally, any mid-range laptop with decent hardware should be sufficient to play games that don’t require high-end graphics. In other cases, you just might need to make some sacrifices to the types of games you play, or the settings you run them at.

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Keyboard not working when playing games

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