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Lamzu Atlantis Mouse The ultimate lightweight and comfortable mouse | 4Gamers Thailand


Monday, May 22, 2023, 6:25:23 PM Indochina time

For Lamzu brand mouse The Atlantis model has been talked about quite a lot for mouse players lately. With an impressive debut in 2022 as a mouse born from a new company. Which is crazy how good Lamzu is compared to the top brands.

Its shape, feel, clicks during use, weight and build quality are all the qualities that make Lamzu one of the best products on the market today at just 3,590 baht.

With many reviewers claiming that this is The best claw grip mouse, let’s see what makes the Lamzu Atlantis a great mouse. and is it right for you?

“Overview of the mouse”
– Huano Blue Shell Pink Dot switches, rated for 80 million clicks.
– TTC Gold Encoder (middle mouse switch)
– Uses a Pixart 3395 sensor (up to 26,000 Dpi).
– Lightweight, only 55 grams
– Size 123 x 66 x 38 (Length / Width / Height)
– Suitable for people with medium / large hands
– Battery supports up to 70 hours of use.
– There is an indicator light to tell the various status of the mouse.
– Compatible with both wireless (2.4G) and wired use, the factory bundled cable is a premium quality braided cable with a special design that raises the connection head above the level of the mouse pad.
– Mouse feed is PTFE Virgin grade (does not mix with other substances)
– USB-C style connection head
– Can custom more values ​​in Lamzu Software
Website :
– 1 year shop warranty

“Which inside the premium box will consist of”
– USB receiver extender
– USB dongle
– USB-C to A cable
– Instruction Manual
– cloth bag for mouse
– side handle
– Mouse feet PTFE for replacement

“The design of the mouse”
The Atlantis model has a very wide range of color options. Starting with polla white, charcoal black, miami blue, pink and matcha green. The colors are very aggressive and outstanding.

At just 55g, the Lamzu is a competitive weight in the field of wireless gaming mice. It beats the flagships like the Logitech G Pro X Superlight and the Razer Viper V2 Pro in terms of weight incredible.

Despite being lightweight, the Lamzu doesn’t cut corners. This mouse is constructed of plastic with a matte finish that feels durable and smooth to the touch. The underside of the mouse is made of clear plastic and has a skeleton-like design that complements the look of the Lamzu very well.

To save weight and battery, the Lamzu doesn’t have RGB except for the LEDs on the top and bottom of the mouse. The top light shows the various battery levels of the mouse. Blue light for full charge. purple while charging and red for low power. The bottom LED shows which DPI profile you are using. You can switch between the 5 DPI profiles and assign a color attached to each profile.

The Atlantis comes with a PixArt PAW3395 sensor, a sensor that has been proven to have great performance. For wired operation, the Lamzu connects via USB-C, a nicely braided cable with a slightly upward-angled connector to reduce cable drag when plugged in. The receiver dongle has a very stylish appearance. It’s a shiny silver design with the Lamzu logo printed on top.

“Mouse Shape”
The Lamzu Atlantis is shaped like an hourglass with the back being more flared compared to the top. This design method creates grooves on the sides to make it more comfortable for your fingers to grip the mouse. The back area will fill your palm. Looking at the grip style, the Lamzu is made for claw grip. The back end flares completely in the palm and feels comfortable in a claw grip.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use fingertip mouse grips with this mouse. As both are certainly still usable, the Lamzu’s clicks work well for the fingertip, as the mouse’s primary buttons are easy to press when activated from the rear position of the mouse.

As for the Palm Grippers, it can be a bit tricky to use as the Lamzu Atlantis is angled more downward compared to other models. Having a low profile can hurt you as a palm grip.

The Lamzu Atlantis fit feels comfortable and locked in. If you are looking for a claw grip/fingertip mouse, the Atlantis might be the answer for you.

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