Home Gaming League of Legends being sung by a player “Unbalanced” wild pet system, urgently removed!

League of Legends being sung by a player “Unbalanced” wild pet system, urgently removed!

League of Legends being sung by a player  “Unbalanced” wild pet system, urgently removed!


Monday, March 27, 2023, 3:36 p.m. 01 p.m., Indochina time.

Wild item system or wild pet system Jungle Pet It was added during the 2023 preseason to change the metagame. And to increase the fluidity of the various and complex mechanics that jungle players need to practice. It’s part of the plan. riot game This will make jungle play more friendly to new players. Without using many techniques other than farming.

pet friend

However, recent feedback from players has revealed that those wild animals Can make enemy players predict your movements even if they can’t see you, such as vanishing into brush or vanishing with Fog of War.

Wild pets follow the player throughout the game and have a visual model to help junglers clear their camps. The problem is where The pet model will follow slightly slower than the player. This means that enemy players can track the pet to its owner, i.e. can predict your movement direction.

Three new wild pets and their evolution in League of Legends.

One player said: “There are so many champions whose basic mechanics are broken because of the pet system and its bugs, for example: Chaco, Neiko and others”

“I like the jungle pet system. I’ve seen people arguing about this too. but personally I think it’s not a bad idea. in a perfect world I want them to stay in the game free of bugs and issues.”

“But in reality riot game Didn’t try to fix these problems at all. Ultimately, the wild pet system isn’t important enough to be worth the trouble that comes with them.”

“Everything is fine. Only the pet models are left to follow. It’s not worth keeping.”

Another player noted: The skill’s passive skill. W (cavity) of champions Rek’sai at tremor It affects pets too. means the pet will tell Rek’sai It was clear which player was hunting.

“As Maine Rek’sai i love you guys Too many pets tremor Mine affects them too. It made me know if the person I was chasing was a jungle player or not.”

This gameplay also works in conjunction with Pixies of Lulumodel wolf of relative and including ghoul of York

Some players suggest: This issue can be fixed by removing pet models for all players in the game. except the people who use it

“You just make it visible to the owner and it won’t be a problem anymore. You don’t need others to see it.”

“You don’t even have to limit it to its owner. Just make them visible to you and your teammates. The problem is that the enemy players can only see it.”

However, it is noted that this creates a clear problem for Score Claw or pets “red” Because it will jump to deal additional damage to enemy players.


Riot Games has previously stated that they are committed to keeping the jungle balanced. after they delete Chemtech Drake Take out and bring it back again. Because of the previous changes that were unbalanced to the game itself.

How will Riot Games deal with this wild pet intelligence? Have to wait to follow each other


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