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Less and less until HBO Max raises the price of your subscription


HBO Max is going to increase its price in the United States, which seems to indicate that it will soon rise in the rest of the world as well. We tell you what is known so far.

Less and less until HBO Max raises the price of your subscription
The price of HBO Max will go up soon. The first market where it will be noticed will be the United States.

There are already several streaming services that have raised their prices. In September of last year Amazon did it in Spain for all your Prime service (including Prime Video), So did Disney+ and before Netflix had also done it.

In this case, as collected in The Vergeeverything seems to indicate that the next to raise its price in Spain it will be none other than HBO Maxwhich is already about to rise to $15.99 a month in the United States. Said price increase will take place from February 11, according to the source.

One more service that points to the upward trend

As we said at the beginning of the article, Netflix has been gradually raising the prices of its service for some time. In recent years the competition has lagged behindat the same time that they try to convince investors that they are viable businesses.

In the United States HBO Max is going through a difficult time. Emblematic series of the platform, such as Western worldhave been cancelled. A lot of content from it has been removed in addition to this series, so this price hike there is hurting a little more than it should.

To this must be added the WarnerMedia merger with Discovery the last augustthat is called to bring changes to what in Spain we know as HBO Max this same 2023. For now it is known that the contents of both platforms will be merged into a single app tentatively called max.

At the moment there are no details about when this price rise will arrive in our country, but it is undoubtedly it will happen sooner or later. For the rest, we insist, there is not much more information. Be that as it may, we will remain attentive in case there are more news soon.

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