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like GeoGuessr, but with years


Test your knowledge of history with this new free online game.

This free online game is the latest viral phenomenon: like GeoGuessr, but years old
Cronophoto is an online game that challenges you to find out what year a photo was taken

Since Word became a viral phenomenon in late 2021, more and more have been popping up online games consisting of guess stuff trying to repeat the success of the very famous title created by Josh Wardle and later acquired by The New York Times. But apart from Wordle clones, like World either quartetOver the months, other types of games have appeared that can be used to kill free time.

One of the last to explode in terms of popularity is chronophotoa somewhat different version of the mythical GeoGuessr, which challenges you to discover the exact year in which a photograph was taken.

Chronophoto is a simple game: as soon as you enter the game’s website, you will see a historical photographand just below a slider that goes from the year 1900 to year 2020as well as a button to check the answer. Your goal in the game will be guess what exact year the image was taken.

You can be guided by clues that may appear in the image, such as car models and the years in which they were sold, types of clothes or other elements that, although they may seem unimportant at first glance, may be key when it comes to correctly choosing the time in history in which the photograph was taken.

Guess The Place is the mobile version of the legendary GeoGuessr, free and with real-time multiplayer

Each game consists of five rounds. In each of them you will have to get as close as possible to the exact year in which the photograph was taken to obtain the highest score possible. In the end you will see how many points did you get in total throughout the five rounds.

The game is completely free and can be play from any device with access to a browser.

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