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LockBit steals SpaceX rocket schematics


The hackers threaten to release the data unless the company pays the ransom.

grouping lockbit claims to have hacked the networks of SpaceX parts company Maximum Industries and stole 3,000 SpaceX rocket schematics. The hackers threatened to release the documents online on March 20 if the company did not pay the ransom. The amount of the ransom is currently unknown.

“We would be lucky if SpaceX contractors were more talkative. But I think that this material will find its buyer very soon. Elon Musk, we will help you sell your drawings to other manufacturers – build a ship faster and fly away, ”the hackers wrote.

It is worth noting that the schemes themselves can be of little use to anyone – the details still need to be manufactured, assembled and used without attracting the attention of supervisory authorities. Note that the leaked documents could draw unwanted attention to the company from the US government, given the influence of SpaceX in creating technologies for the US.

According to the cybercriminals, 3,000 blueprints have been certified by SpaceX engineers. However, no one has yet confirmed whether the documents are valid or not. SpaceX and Maximum Industries did not provide comment on the incident.

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