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Maidreamin celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch of Vtuber in the store and prepares for an official debut on March 24, 2023.


Thursday, March 16, 2023, 4:16:45 a.m. Indochina time

Enter the dream world right away. and do not have to travel to the storefront When the fan page Mai Dreamin (Thailand) A famous cafe with a concept which will allow employees to wear a cute fluffy skirt Ready to take on the role of a personal “maid” who will serve the master / young lady (customer), whether serving food, serving drinks, singing and dancing, etc.

Until a few hours ago on the fan page Mai Dreamin (Thailand) Has announced that the cafe is now serving more than 10 year and to celebrate, therefore making the way Mai Dreamin (Thailand) come out surprise by launch V Tuber The shop’s name is a little Lonita

It has also been released. P.V. shorter than length 1:31 Came out to be able to see a little bit of cuteness. in order to get acquainted with Little Lonita There are plans to officially launch in March 24, 2023 since time 20:00 onwards

Considered as one of the stories that are quite surprising. For Mai Dreamin (Thailand) which began to pay attention to the market V Tuber But if you think in another aspect of the launch V Tuber this may needCreate Vtuber of the brand for a memorable image to be used for announcing various promotions through the media easily to followers


In this way, it is considered another selling point as well as when Farmhouse was launched Fumi Howsu Went a few years ago. Although the latest will just announce graduation at the end of the month January 2023 But it can be considered Fumi Howsu It can serve to promote various products and make the mascot become a memorable image.

Finally, for those who love themselves. Little Lonita and want to go in and see the cuteness as well as join in the encouragement, can follow the progress of the person in various channels as follows

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