Home Gaming Mashle: Muscles and Magic Announces Season 2 With Exciting Trailer

Mashle: Muscles and Magic Announces Season 2 With Exciting Trailer

Mashle: Muscles and Magic Announces Season 2 With Exciting Trailer


Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 10:41 a.m. 23 p.m., Indochina time.

As reported by Redbeanime, the anime series Mashle: Muscles and Magic has announced Season 2 after the release of the final episode of Season 1 titled “Mash Burned and the Magic Mirror” A teaser video reveals that Season 2 will be an adaptation of the season. “Study Examination Fans, prepare yourself. Because we will see the physical ability of mashed gain more through battling with other students in different rounds of the Divine Visionary Examination. Six dangerous death row inmates have escaped from Hecatrice and seem to be hunting Mash. Mashle season 2 will premiere in January 2024.

Mashle: Cast and staff

Mashle was originally released as “Mash Burnedead and the Body of the Gods” On April 8 and aired a total of 12 episodes, A-One Pictures (of the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War anime, and upcoming Solo Leveling) supervising production with Tomoya Tanaka as a director, Yosuke Kuroda Write a chapter, Hisashi Toshima character design

Chiaki Kobayashi (from Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku and SK8 the Infinity) as Mash Burnedead, and Reiji Kawashima (from To Your Eternity and Shadows House) as Finn Ames, Natsuki Hanae (of Demon Slayer and Tokyo Ghoul) as Cell War, who will play a key role in the upcoming season.

Written and illustrated by Hajime KomotoMashle started publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2020 and ended on July 2nd with episode 162 titled “Mash Burnedead and a generally happy ending” Currently, the chapters have been compiled into 16 tangobon volumes. The 17th volume was released on July 3rd, with the final volume on October 3rd. good and has sold over 5 million copies as of April 2023. Mashle was nominated for an award. Next manga award in 2020 and has been praised for its sense of humor as well as its mix of parodies. Harry Potter with One Punch Man


Mashle: Synopsis

if choose mashed will spend the day with black his foster father and indulge in delicious cream puffs. However, in Mashle’s world, an unbalanced world tends to favor those with magical powers. A world ranked by the strength of their power — and Mash, who has absolutely no inclination towards magic. Living in hopes of living in peace with his father, Mash enrolls at Easton Magic Academy It was a prestigious school of magic that only students with special abilities were allowed in. to become divinity Although Mash is clearly at a serious disadvantage But that did not deter him from proving time and time again that Those with muscles can be just as well as those with magic.

Mashle’s current season is available to watch on Crunchyroll.


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