Home SECURITY Massive power outage hits Bermuda

Massive power outage hits Bermuda

Massive power outage hits Bermuda


Massive power outage hits Bermuda

Residents were left without the Internet and cellular communications, but the authorities asked them not to litter on the roads.

Bermuda experienced a wide-ranging power outage on the evening of Friday 3 February, impacting internet and phone service availability on the island.

The island government advised clients to “turn off all sensitive electrical equipment” as crews worked around the clock to restore. In addition, all government offices were closed. Bermuda is a self-governing British Overseas Territory with a population of approximately 64,000.

BELCO, the only electricity supplier in Bermuda, declared which is working to restore the supply of electricity against the background of its “mass shutdown”.

The Bermuda government has also asked residents to “keep off the roads and keep them clean” and refrain from calling the BELCO hotline to report a power outage.

Map of power outages in Bermuda

The massive power outage also affected much of the internet and cell service in the region.

By data NetBlocks, within hours of the power outage, internet connectivity on the islands dropped to around 30%. Cloudflare Radar service also registered a noticeable drop in Internet traffic in the region.

Monitoring data NetBlocks and cloudflare radar

According to the blackout map, 4,464 customers were left without electricity. By late Friday evening the company restored supply of electricity to all its customers. Internet on the islands has also returned to normal. The cause of this massive incident is yet to be ascertained.


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