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Microsoft 365 groups don’t appear in Outlook client or on the web


Microsoft 365 Groups is a service that works with Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook. However, one of the more serious issues that have been reported in the service is that Microsoft 365 Groups are not showing up in Outlook. This post looks at a possible solution to help users make Microsoft 365 Groups visible and use them effectively.

Why aren’t Microsoft 365 Groups showing up in Outlook?

The problem is that there is no switch on the interface that can turn it on and off. The group does not appear in the left navigation pane or in the global address list (GAL). Additionally, users cannot search or browse by name, nor can they find it using the discover option. Because the default value is false, the groups are not visible.

Microsoft 365 groups don’t appear in Outlook client or on the web

Follow these tips to make Microsoft 365 Groups visible on the web or on a client.

  1. Check if you are a member of a group
  2. Disable cached exchange mode
  3. Enable Unified Multicast Switch

You will need sufficient rights to run the PowerShell command.

1]Check if you are a member of a group

Even if you’re the creator of a Microsoft 365 group, you’ll need to add yourself to the group. Only when you do this will the group be visible in Outlook. Owners and members are treated differently in Microsoft 365. You can be an administrator or owner of a group, but when you add your account to it, it becomes available in Outlook.

2]Disable cached exchange mode

Outlook also has a built-in cache mode for Exchange accounts, just like any other software. This mode keeps copies of your mailbox and message groups on your PC. This helps when you want to quickly access your data. If the cache is out of date or not updating, that might be why you’re not seeing Microsoft 365 Groups.

To turn off or turn off Cached Mode, follow these steps:

  • Click File> Account settings > Account Settings
  • Click Exchange or Microsoft 365and then click change
  • It will open Exchange account settings.
    Microsoft 365 groups don’t appear in Outlook client or on the web
  • Uncheck “Use Cached Exchange Mode to Download Email to Outlook Data File”.
  • Press More Settingsand switch to advanced tab
  • Clear the following options Disable Cached Mode Share Mode
    • Use Cached Exchange Mode
    • Uncheck “Upload folders”
  • Apply the changes.
  • Close Outlook and restart. Check if the issue is resolved.

3]Enable Unified Group Switch

The last suggestion is to run the Unified Group Switch from an elevated PowerShell or Windows Terminal. This setting is not available through the user interface and can only be changed using PowerShell commands.

 Set-UnifiedGroup groupname -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$false

The switch specifies whether the Microsoft 365 Group is hidden from Outlook clients connected to Microsoft 365. This will also help users subscribe or unsubscribe from the Microsoft 365 Group.


It would be great if Microsoft had an option available both in the client and on the web. It’s annoying when users can find an option related to features that are part of the experience. I hope the post was easy to follow and that you were able to resolve your issue with Microsoft 365 Groups not showing up in Outlook.

What are Microsoft 365 Groups?

The Microsoft 365 team feature lets you create a set of resources to share and collaborate with. Resources such as an Outlook mailbox and calendar can be shared to collaborate on files.

When you add members, they are automatically assigned the permissions they need for your team’s tools. What’s more, groups are a new and improved way to do what used to be done with mailing lists or shared mailboxes.

What are the types of groups in Microsoft 365?

The list includes Microsoft 365, distribution groups, security groups, mail-enabled security, shared mailboxes, and dynamic distribution groups. Shared mailboxes are used when multiple people need access to the same mailbox, while Microsoft 365 groups are used for collaboration between users inside and outside of your company.

What is the difference between SharePoint groups and Office 365 groups?

Office 365 groups grant permissions to all Office 365 applications, including SharePoint Online (there are only two groups: members and owners). SharePoint groups only provide access to SharePoint content such as lists and libraries (groups and permissions are free to configure.

Microsoft 365 groups don't appear in Outlook (web or client)

The above is the most detailed information about Microsoft 365 Groups not visible in the Outlook client or on the web. Did this guide answer your question? Let find out in the comments below.

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