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Microsoft had a team of people tasked with building ethical and responsible AI. He has fired them all


Microsoft has fired the team that was in charge of anticipating the misuses of AI-powered technology just as they have released this technology to the masses.

Microsoft had a team of people tasked with building ethical and responsible AI.  He has fired them all
Bing search engine with integrated ChatGPT

Microsoft’s love affair with AI recently solidified. Those from Redmond embraced the OpenAI models and integrated ChatGPT with Bing, thanks to which their search engine has achieved reach 100 million users for the first time. This has also been thanks to can now be used on mobile deviceswhere a large number of interactions come from.

In the midst of all this maelstrom of development of technologies that have to do with AI, Microsoft created a team responsible for creating an ethical and responsible AI who just fired completely. This dismissal, as they tell us from The Vergeis part of the campaign that has affected more than 10,000 employees throughout the company.

Farewell to a crucial team for the company

The laid off employees maintain that the ethics team played a critical role when it came to making sure that the company’s AI-designed products followed principles that were faithfully reflected in them. Now Microsoft has been left without a team to make sure of it which, given the company’s strong commitment to AIit would prove to be a movement contrary to the ideal.

In Redmond, however, they maintain a Office of Responsible AI. This office is tasked with creating rules and principles that govern the company’s AI-based initiatives. And from their headquarters they say that, despite the layoffs, overall investment in responsible work is increasing.

This team reached its maximum size in 2020when it was comprised of 30 employees including engineers, designers and philosophers. Last October his workforce was cut to seven people as part of a reorganization process.

last March 6 the dismissal of employees was made official from the Responsible AI department. This dismissal, according to the source, underlines a constant tension in big tech that are dedicated to creating divisions focused on making their products more socially responsible. These teams are responsible for anticipate potential misuse of such technology and fix any problems before they are released.

The removal of the ethics team comes just as the remaining employees on it were focused on their biggest challenge to date: predicting what would happen when Microsoft launches AI-powered tools to global audiences.

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