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Microsoft is giving Xbox players a new feature

Microsoft is giving Xbox players a new feature


If any player is experiencing bullying in the Xbox ecosystem, they will soon can protect yourself from it. Company Microsoft is testing a new feature for recording voice chats and sending data about violations in multiplayer games.

The feature will be available to select Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One users. The victim of bullying will be able to make 60-second recordings of conversations that violate community standards Microsoft and submit evidence of bullying to the Xbox Safety Team.

The goal of the feature is to provide a new way for users to flag inappropriate behavior from other players in multiplayer games. While swearing is a fairly common occurrence in the gaming community, sometimes the conversations and behavior of players become downright toxic and completely unacceptable. According to Microsoft, the company’s focus is on game chats, as that’s where you’re most likely to run into unfamiliar players. Recorded evidence will be taken into account when making decisions to block accounts.

However, the function has some conditions and limitations. The company allows you to record 60 seconds of gameplay, but access to the clip remains only with the user until he decides to send it to the complaints team. Information from the user’s console is not uploaded without his consent.

The recorded clip is also stored on the console for 24 hours – during this period players can file a complaint. Microsoft will even remind you of this if the complaint is not filed within the specified time frame. If the decision to complain is not made, the clip is removed from the console automatically.

While the feature will be available to English-speaking users through the Xbox Insider Alpha or Alpha-Skip-Ahead programs, which provide early access to new features. The company will receive feedback before providing such a new tool to all users. It is reported that the feature will work in thousands of games with multiplayer voice communication. We are talking even about games for the Xbox 360, compatible with the next generation of consoles.


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