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Microsoft puts AI at the heart of Windows 11 with Windows Copilot.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 11:00 a.m. 00 a.m. Indochina time

Of course, unlike Meta, Microsoft doesn’t need to change their name to prove they’re committed to an entirely new technology platform. This has been done through actions after launching an AI-powered search engine like Bing earlier this year. The company has released the Microsoft 365 Copilot app for Office, and ahead of its consumer reveal, Microsoft is delivering AI tools for developers in 2021 with GitHub Copilot. The next inevitable That’s making AI an integral part of Windows 11.

The new Windows Copilot tool resides in the Windows sidebar and, like Bing’s AI-powered chat, you can use it as a powerful search engine by typing common questions. but true to name It is also deeply integrated with Windows. You can ask it to complete tasks within the operating system, such as turning on night light mode or changing the desktop background. Without fussing with specific settings, Windows Copilot can also act as a genuine virtual assistant by outlining documents. Or open the Photos app to make minor edits before sending it to your coworkers.

“I think about Windows and the role of AI that if there is an opportunity to do something like this, we have to do it immediately.” Panos Panay, Microsoft’s executive vice president and chief product officer, said in an interview ahead of Tuesday’s launch. “We have hundreds of millions of people. [ใช้ Windows] Bringing the power of AI to Windows 11 doesn’t just give you the opportunity to be more creative and productive. but in the end It will turn every Windows user into a power user.”

Windows Copilot, available for trial in June It has the potential to reach more users than the revamped Bing. The company’s search engine has received so much buzz for its AI that Microsoft says it reached 100 million daily active users per month after its AI chat feature rolled out. Market share in recent months hit 7.2 percent in April. This is down from its most recent high of 9.92 percent set in October last year.

That’s not surprising. Because Microsoft’s battle with Google seems like a hopeless endeavor. The company launched its first effort as MSN Search in 1998 shortly after Google took over, and amid Yahoo’s dominance as an accessible web portal, MSN Search became Live Search, evolving into Bing in 2009.

Microsoft has always been a company that has been dabbling in Search Engine development, but it hasn’t found the best yet, but Windows is a completely different story. Windows is a product with a niche user base. Many of them have decades of experience with the operating system. According to Microsoft, there are more than 1.4 billion active devices per month running Windows 10 or 11 (and this certainly doesn’t include PCs running older versions of Windows). Bing AI capabilities brought to the Windows taskbar in February. But in the end, that’s the equivalent of a Bing AI-enabled chat shortcut in the Edge browser. Windows Copilot integrates AI into the core Windows 11 experience.

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