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Microsoft raises Xbox Game Pass prices

Microsoft raises Xbox Game Pass prices


Microsoft has already begun to notify its users and updated the prices on the official Xbox Game Pass website.

It's official: Microsoft raises Xbox Game Pass prices
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is surely the most complete and interesting subscription in the video game industry.

Not because the news is known is no longer painful, and it is that indeed what was an open secret, that fiancée price increase that Microsoft was going to apply in all the Xbox Game Pass subscription serviceshas become a reality this very evening, when the Redmond company began to notify users of the platform by email.

Myself I received it a couple of hours agowith the matter very clear and informing first hand that “Xbox is updating its prices and this is what you should know”to explain later in the body of the email How will the new rates be in Spain? and what advantages we will obtain with this price increase.

so pray the mail that Microsoft is sending To all Xbox Game Pass subscribers:

It's official: Microsoft raises Xbox Game Pass prices

So says the email sent by Microsoft to its subscribers in Spain.

Regarding prices, the subscription of Xbox Game Pass will continue to have three levels of access and three monthly priceswhich will be the following:

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC.- €9.99/month

In his case, the price is maintained, and he will continue to have an access offer for the first month for only 1 euro. Includes ea game.

  • Xbox Game Pass for console.- €10.99/month

The price of this subscription increases by 1 euro per month, without access offers.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.- €14.99/month

It is the most complete subscription, also including cloud games and compatibility with smartphones. In his case, it goes up 2 euros every month. They are included in the price Gold and ea game.

Xbox Game Pass, all the information

Compatible mobiles and everything that is included

By now you know that Xbox Game Pass Update your catalog every month always offering high-quality titles for all audiences and all tastes, from sports simulators to motor games or triple AAA graphic adventures.

In any case, not all games are available for the cloud nor can they run on smartphones, so you should check in the app library which titles are supported.

Of course, the app is available on both iOS and Androidwhere it can be found in Google Play as well as in the Samsung Galaxy Store, being compatible with Mobile phones with Android 6.0 or higher or iPhones with iOS 10 or higher. Obviously you will also need and command with bluetooth in some cases.

As to the advantages that Microsoft offers after this price increase, the mail itself informs with everything that follows.

This includes benefits such as the following:

  • Titles from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Game Studios available the same day they are released.
  • More than three times the number of high-quality games since the launch of the service.
  • Constant addition of amazing games, like Starfield and Forza Motorsport.
  • Online multiplayer with friends.
  • Free rewards included, such as in-game content and partner offers, as well as member discounts and offers.

We want you to be able to play amazing games so you can choose what best suits your gaming needs and budget.


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