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Microsoft takes on new members for Xbox Alpha and Skip-Ahead

Microsoft takes on new members for Xbox Alpha and Skip-Ahead


Microsoft announced that it is currently looking for new Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders. Spreading the news in a new post on Xbox Wire, the company said it is looking for a new wave of Xbox insiders interested in joining one of the alpha circles.

Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead are invite-only entry, while anyone can join Delta and Beta. Alpha contributors can receive builds earlier than others, and while Alpha Skip-Ahead usually receives builds that may be from a future release, both circles receive features that have not yet been released to others.

This is part of the Xbox Update Preview program, where Insiders can check out the latest unfinished features that the Xbox team is currently working on before they go live. Users participating in Alpha Skip-Ahead can submit feedback to Xbox.

“We are not sharing specific details, but we look at many factors such as quality feedback, participation in quests / polls and games,” Microsoft said. “More importantly, we select users who tell us they are interested in participating!”

For those interested, it doesn’t matter which circle the fans are already in or how long they’ve been part of the Insider program, according to Microsoft. A new poll is now available in the Insider Information Center titled “Joining New Circles”. Here’s how to navigate:

  1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your console.
  2. Select Actions on the left
  3. In the “Available” section, scroll down until you see “Join New Circles”.
  4. Fill out the form

Players will receive a notification on their console if they are selected to participate, but Microsoft noted that there is a limited number of seats available, so completing a survey does not necessarily guarantee a seat. The company also said that if players receive an invite, it is important to join the alpha circles as soon as possible.


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