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Microsoft Teams call disconnects or keeps dropping


Do calls on Microsoft Teams keep disconnecting or dropping on your PC? As reported by several Windows users, their calls or meetings keep dropping on the Teams app. The Teams call keeps dropping or disconnecting every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and so on. Some have also reported to be getting the following error message when this issue occurs:

Oh dear! Your call has dropped. Please try again.

Microsoft Teams call disconnects or keeps dropping

The primary reason for this issue could be your network connection. However, people with fine internet connections have also reported to be experiencing the same problem. It could be a temporary issue with your Teams account causing the problem. Or, your VPN might be causing connection issues on Teams. Now, if you are facing the same error, you can just go through this post and apply a suitable fix to resolve the problem.

Microsoft Teams call disconnects or keeps dropping

If your Microsoft Teams calls keep disconnecting or dropping on Windows 11/10, here are the solutions that will help you get rid of this issue:

  1. Make sure there is no internet connectivity issue.
  2. Power cycle your router/modem.
  3. Sign out of Teams, then sign in again.
  4. Disable your VPN (if applicable).
  5. Try using the web version of Microsoft Teams.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall Teams.

1] Make sure there is no internet connectivity issue

First of all, you need to make sure that the calls are not dropping due to a network issue. If you have a weak internet connection, your internet keeps disconnecting randomly, or there is some other connectivity issue, you are likely to deal with this problem. Hence, check your internet connection and see if you are able to access the web without any issues.

You can try running the Internet Connections troubleshooter that comes inbuilt in Windows 11/10. There are some other troubleshooting methods to fix WiFi issues. In addition, make sure your network driver is up-to-date. Some users have even recommended using a wired connection instead of wireless if possible.

2] Power cycle your router/modem

Performing a power cycle on your networking device has helped users fix a lot of network-related issues. So, if Teams calls are dropping due to a network problem, you can try power cycling your router or modem and then see if the problem is fixed.

To do that, switch off your router, then remove its power cable, wait for at least 30 seconds, plug your router back, and then turn it on. Connect to the internet and see if Teams calls have stopped disconnecting or not.

However, if you are sure there are no network connectivity issues on your side, move on to the next solution to resolve the problem.

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3] Sign out of Teams, then sign in again

Sign out and sign back into Teams

You can also try signing out of Microsoft Teams and then login again to check if the problem is resolved. First, click on the profile icon in Teams and press the Sign out option to log out of Teams. After that, close Teams and make sure no Teams process is running in the background using Task Manager. Finally, reopen Microsoft Teams and log into your account and see if the issue is resolved.

4] Disable your VPN (if applicable)

If you are using a VPN client, try disabling it. VPN or proxy server might be the cause of your Teams calls dropping frequently. Hence, turn off your VPN and see if the problem is fixed. You can also try disabling and then re-enabling your VPN to check whether the issue is resolved.

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5] Try using the web version of Microsoft Teams

The next thing you can do if Teams calls keep disconnecting or dropping is to use the Teams web app. Microsoft Teams can be used on several platforms including desktop, web browser, mobile, etc. Hence, you can try switching the platform and see if the problem is resolved.

In case you still want to use the desktop app of Microsoft Teams, move on to the next fix.

6] Uninstall and reinstall Teams

The last resort to fix the issue is to uninstall and then reinstall the Teams app. You might be dealing with corruption in the Teams app. Some modules of the app might be broken or faulty which is why you keep experiencing this issue. Hence, in that case, you can remove the existing copy of Teams and reinstall a fresh and clean one.

In order to uninstall Microsoft Teams from your computer, press Win+I to launch the Settings app and navigate to the Apps > Installed apps option. After that, locate the Teams app, press the three-dot menu button, and click on the Uninstall option. Complete the process by following the instructions prompted on the screen.

Once done with Teams uninstallation, press Win+R to evoke the Run command box and enter %appdata% in its Open field. After that, delete the Teams folder in the opened location. Now, again open the Run box and enter %Programdata% in it, and remove the Teams folder. Doing so will clear all the remnants of Teams and help you completely uninstall Teams from your computer.

Finally, restart your PC and get the latest version of Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Store. You can also download the latest version of Teams from Microsoft website and then install it on your computer. Hopefully, you won’t face the same problem now.

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How do I fix Microsoft Teams hanging?

If your Teams app keeps freezing or hanging on your PC, the first thing you can do is clear the Teams cache. A corrupted cache is known to cause performance issues in Teams. Hence, you can delete the cache and check if Teams has stopped freezing or not. Besides that, you can also repair or reset your Teams app. If that doesn’t help, try using Teams on a different platform like using its web app or mobile app. The last resort to resolve the issues is to perform a clean installation of the Teams app.

How do I fix Microsoft Teams reconnecting issues?

To fix connection issues on Teams, make sure your network connection is working fine. You can try switching to a different internet connection or power cycle your networking device. Besides that, you can temporarily disable your firewall and see if the problem is fixed. If yes, allow Microsoft Teams through your firewall to permanently resolve connection issues on Teams.

I hope this helps!

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Microsoft Teams call disconnects or keeps dropping

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