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more than a thousand professionals already use it

more than a thousand professionals already use it


Positive Technologies has launched a catalog of extensions: more than a thousand specialists already use it

Positive Technologies has taken a big step forward in supporting its user community, presenting a catalog extensions for their products. The catalog was created to support and develop an active community that has formed around the company’s solutions. Today, more than a thousand specialists already use the catalog, which contains more than 20 extensions.

The platform provides an opportunity for users, partners of the company, and technical enthusiasts to share their developments. Among them are event processing rules, modules for responding to information security events and incidents, source configuration scripts, automation solutions, and much more.

Extensions for such products as MaxPatrol SIEM, PT Sandbox, PT Application Inspector are already available in the catalog. Extensions are divided into several categories: integration, solutions, expertise and instructions for non-standard situations.

“The digital world is impossible without deep collaboration of specialists – vendors, integrators, users. Community support and contribution to the development of the open source community is an integral part of our strategy,” comments Roman Sergeev, MaxPatrol SIEM Product Development Manager, Positive Technologies.

Among the members of the catalog there are already extensions from companies such as Cyber ​​Threat Technologies (RST Cloud), Softline, Trust Technologies, ARinteg, Cross Technologies.

“There are many examples of extensions that are created by our partners and take into account their deep knowledge of the needs of customers. These developments in the form of separate modules can help a wide range of users,” said Anastasia Shchepilova, Product Manager, Positive Technologies.

Those wishing to add their developments to the catalog can send an application to the address addons@ptsecurity.com .


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