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Mozilla has made the Firefox Relay feature even easier and more convenient to use


Mozilla has made the Firefox Relay feature even easier and more convenient to use

Now fans of the “fire fox” will be able to create email aliases in one click.

Mozilla announced about the integration directly into the Firefox browser of the Firefox Relay function, which has been available to users as a separate extension for several years. Firefox Relay is an email security system that helps users hide their mailbox name from prying eyes, avoid tracking trackers, and annoying spam.

From now on, whenever a user browses a website that asks them to create an account, Firefox Relay will automatically offer to create a new email alias (mask) or use an existing one. At the same time, this will happen in one click due to an unobtrusive pop-up window right in the email input line.

Created aliases redirect emails to the user’s real email address, but maintain complete confidentiality and anonymity. In other words, with Firefox Relay, users can once again “not shine” with their data on the Internet. And a potential data leak of a particular service will not be terrible (unless, of course, this is a Mozilla data leak).

One of the features of the technology is that if one of the created aliases starts receiving spam or unwanted messages, the user can easily delete it and create a new one without affecting their main credentials.

Firefox Relay works very much like the DuckDuckGo email security service, which also generates anonymous one-time aliases called “personal Duck addresses” ( However, Firefox Relay has the added feature of automatically removing trackers before forwarding emails to the user’s email address, making it more private.

Until now, Firefox Relay was available as a standalone extension, and the user had to launch a separate control panel to manage aliases. Now it will be much more convenient to use the function.

Reportedly, while the innovation is not available to all users, and pop-ups to create an alias will not appear on all websites. Mozilla has already stated that it is working on this, and promised to make the feature available to all users at a later date and increase the number of supported sites.

The company also announced about the launch of Total Cookie Protection for the Android version of the Firefox browser. The function is designed to automatically block all cross-site trackers. This technology was previously available only in desktop versions of the browser. And it works like this: for each site, the browser creates its own cookie storage and restricts access to it for other sites, preventing cross-site activity tracking and providing additional security for user data.

We recommend that all users of this wonderful browser, just in case, check for updates manually in order to try out these innovations as soon as possible.

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