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My 3 recommendations on cheap robot vacuum cleaners for this Christmas


You can give or buy any of these three options and you will be 100% delighted.

My 3 recommendations on cheap robot vacuum cleaners for this Christmas
Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home makes it easier and simpler for you to clean your home.

One of the gadgets we always recommend, because we use them daily in our house, it is a robot vacuum cleaner. It is one of the devices that have revolutionized, for the better, the market of autonomous cleaning at home. no need to have The best robot vacuum cleaners of the moment To clean your house well, there are much cheaper options than perform outstandingly.

Today I want to recommend 3 robot vacuum cleaners that they cost between 140 and 190 euros and that they can be a fantastic purchase for yourself or to give to that special someone this Christmas. In the field of cleaning, it is not Vileda, Rowenta or Bosch that have the best alternatives in robots, but Xiaomi, Cecotec and proscenic. These are the three brands that we have chosen to recommend you.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S vacuuming

The navigation system of a robot vacuum cleaner can be of various types / Image: Christian Collado

Buy a great cheap option in robot vacuum cleaner

It is not necessary to spend more than 500 euros in a robot vacuum cleaner to have power, scrubbing capacity, autonomy, mobile app or spare parts available. These 3 models that I want to recommend They have everything to save you a great handful of hours cleaning.

  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2S: this is, for me, the best recommendation What can I give you in cheap robot vacuum cleaners. Its official price is 229 euros, but it is usually around 170-190 euros in Amazon offers and on its official website. This has a power of 2,200 PA suctiona battery for an hour and a half of vacuuming, laser navigation High efficiency and capacity to scrub floors with a 200 ml water tank. Count with one HEPA filter and spare parts in all accessories such as rollers, tank and filters.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2S

  • proscenic 850: this is a fairly cheap option, with a higher power than the Xiaomi model (3,000 PA) and with a mixed deposit of dirt and water. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Homein order to use a echo speaker or a Nest Audio to activate, deactivate and even schedule cleaning with your voice. Its autonomy goes up to 120 minutes of cleaning and your engine only emits a 55 dB maximum noise. It comes with a remote control, although we can also use its own app.

proscenic 850

  • Cecotec Conga 999 Vital: The Spanish firm Cecotec also has a wide catalog of robots. This model is not the most basic, but a fairly balanced one. Although it is true that it has half the suction power of the proscenic model, it has a very low price. Its autonomy is 160 minutes, it has a mixed tank with which we can vacuum and scrub at the same time with 6 cleaning modes, and it is the smallest of all, with 32 cm in diameter and only 6 cm in height. This model only works with manual mode and from the remote control, does not have an app.

Cecotec Conga 999 Vital

If you were thinking of giving away a robot vacuum cleaner, I recommend these three 100%. And if they don’t convince you, I have another alternative in the Ultenic D6sa powerful robot with 3,000 PA of suction, Alexa compatibility or Google Home, its own app, an hour and a half of autonomy, 7.4 cm high and the ability to scrub the floor magnificently. Also, today you have 60 euros discount on Amazon leaving his final price at 179.99 euros.

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