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My Hotpot Story v1.4.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Points) Download


My Hot Pot Story’s simulation of running a Chinese restaurant has received much attention and fans since its release. In this game, you play as the owner of a hot pot restaurant and must manage your business by a given cooking secret.

My Hotpot StoryMy Hotpot Story


Your mission is to open a hot pot restaurant, hire and manage a staff, and grow your business so that you can serve a wide range of meals. Making a variety of hot pot dishes, planning daily purchases, greeting guests, hiring and supervising kitchen and service workers, stocking the restaurant with appropriate decor, and opening multiple locations are all part of the job. In the game, players are tasked with filling various jobs; in exchange, they are rewarded with a large sum of money, which serves as a springboard for the store’s rapid expansion. Players will learn the fundamentals of My Hot Pot Story by completing these tasks.


In the game My Hot Pot Story, each player takes on one of five restaurant roles, ranging from waitress to cashier to bartender, chef, and receptionist. The best way for players to quickly automate the restaurant’s recipe is to invest money and hire these five people. You can rely on your team to run the business and generate revenue even when you are absent. Dishwashing can be completed in the time it takes to log into the game. The boss, not any employees, has to wash the dishes in this game.

My Hotpot StoryMy Hotpot Story


Long-term success in the restaurant industry necessitates ongoing maintenance and expansion. Spend money on new dining room sets and furniture to spruce up your existing dining areas. Customers are more likely to wait in line for a longer period when the outside is decorated. Decorate the lobby to attract customers, encourage them to eat in, and earn more money. You could save time and money by updating your kitchen. Investing in a VIP area makeover, a theater renovation, and a buffet expansion will all result in more seating options.


“Lucky Cat” accumulates a collection of ingredients for culinary endeavors over time. Furthermore, if the player has brought in a sufficient number of tables, they will be able to collect ingredients for recipes, which they can then use to learn new cooking techniques. A random distribution of valuable objects is also present. As a result, after dividing enough tables, the player should check the Lucky Cat whenever they hear “Meow.” To keep customers coming back, players should try new recipes and add enticing new items to the menu. Once you’ve collected the materials from the lucky cat statue, use the in-game smart feature.

My Hotpot StoryMy Hotpot Story

Before ordering, players should concentrate on improving the dishes with the most stars on the restaurant’s menu. Furthermore, players need diverse creative hotpot ideas to make money quickly. At level 6, players must collect all five flavors (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty) through mini-games designed for those tastes to create new hot pot sauce varieties. Aside from being simple to learn and play, the goal of this mini-game is to match flavors as accurately as possible until the sixth-level flavor is unlocked. The flavor produced by each fruit will be distinct.

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