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NASA AI helps us see the future

NASA AI helps us see the future


Through the solar storm: NASA AI helps us see the future

NASA has learned to predict electrical failures and headaches in people.

NASA has announced a breakthrough in solar activity predictions: artificial intelligence can now warn of solar storms 30 minutes before they begin. The technology provides valuable time to take action to protect power grids and critical infrastructure, based on the analysis of solar wind data from spacecraft.

Solar (geomagnetic) storms are intense disturbances caused by a sudden outburst of solar energy. They can significantly affect the Earth’s space environment, disrupting satellite communications, power grids and navigation systems.

NASA is using AI to better understand and accurately predict solar storms. This study involved experts from NASA, the US Geological Survey and the US Department of Energy. Using deep learning, the research team aims to improve preparedness for possible geomagnetic storms.

Impact of solar storms on systems

Team developed DAGGER (Deep Learning Geomagnetic Perturbation) computer model capable of accurately predicting geomagnetic storms around the world with a 30-minute warning. Model predictions are generated in seconds and updated every minute. Tests based on geomagnetic storm data conducted in August 2011 and March 2015 confirmed the high accuracy of DAGGER model predictions.

The DAGGER model is a game changer in the field of forecasting, combining AI with real spatial and terrestrial measurements to predict geomagnetic storms around the world in a timely and accurate manner. The model code is open, which allows specialists in the field of energy, satellite communications, telecommunications and other areas to adapt it to their needs.

Thanks to these forecasts, all stakeholders can receive warnings of solar storms in time and take measures to protect their assets and infrastructure, including temporarily shutting down sensitive systems or repositioning satellites to minimize potential damage.

Models like the DAGGER could in the future provide solar storm warning sirens at power stations and satellite control centers around the world. Such systems, similar to tornado warning sirens, would serve as an alert for potential solar storms approaching Earth.


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