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Netflix goes wild with 11 news this week from July 3 to 9


These are news that will make us enjoy the week on Netflix.

Netflix goes wild with 11 news this week from July 3 to 9
Netflix is ​​always the one that launches the most news per week

As every week, users who are subscribed to the Netflix service will be rewarded with a lots of news. He netflix catalog This week brings us no more and no less than eleven very varied news. As always, there is no shortage of stand-up comedy monologues, but we also find documentaries, humor, drama and even animation series for the little ones in the house.

Once again, Netflix is ​​committed to a model in which the news is massive, compared to the much tighter number of its competition.

The 11 Netflix news from July 3 to 9

In total there are 11 news that they have to offer us from the streaming company. Thus, they are the following:

  • The Unknown: The Lost Pyramid – Monday, July 3
  • Tom Segura: Sledgehammer – Tuesday, July 4
  • The Prince Who Never Reigned – Tuesday, July 4
  • Wham! – Wednesday, July 5
  • Back at 15 – Wednesday July 5
  • My happy marriage – Wednesday, July 5
  • The Lincoln Lawyer – Wednesday, July 5
  • Cash – Wednesday, July 5
  • Wake up Carlos! – Wednesday, July 5
  • Some in-laws of arms to take
  • Fatal Seduction – Wednesday, July 5

That said, let’s see what they look better and everything they have to offer us for the weekend.

The Unknown: The Lost Pyramid

Netflix always makes a mighty push to get hold of the best documentaries of the streaming market. On this occasion, we went to an excavation of some archaeologists looking for a pyramid that has been buried for more than 4000 years. However, they do not find it, but they will find an endless number of graves with the same age on the way.

In the documentary there are interventions by Zahi Hawass, considered by many as the greatest eminence Egyptian on these types of issues and has even come to hold important positions in the government of the country.

Watch “The Unknown: The Lost Pyramid” on Netflix

The prince who never reigned

The life of the last heir to the throne of Italy was always full of controversial issues. Victor Manuel de Saboya was a figure quite controversialespecially when on August 18, 1978 he was immersed in a possible crime of a young man named Dirk Hamer along with a supermodel. This docuseries will give us more clues about the crime and it will take us to the most intimate of the situation, putting us in a very interesting social and historical context.

Watch “The Prince Who Never Ruled” on Netflix


It looks like it’s documentary week as George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley reunite to revive his career on the hit eighties duet “Wham!” that catapulted both on the music sales charts around the world. The group was made up of two best friends who left everything to chase your dream and they more than succeeded. However, we will also see them before they succeeded, when they were ambitious young people in the 70s.

See “Wham!” and netflix

the lincoln lawyer

Mickey Haller is a man who hasn’t practiced law for years but who returns to take on a bizarre murder case. Although Mickey is an idealist who wants to break with everything that is currently known in the legal profession, he will have to compromise on some things and turn what had always defended.

This cop crime series It has as an interesting point that the protagonist works in the back of your lincolna famous car in the United States.

Watch “Lincoln’s Lawyer” on Netflix


A comedy film that takes us to the poor life of a worker who it’s hard to make ends meet. With the aim of improving his economic situation, the situation will become twisted and he will decide dealing in luxury perfumeswhile his boss smells something and tries to stop him.

Watch “Cash” and Netflix

Some in-laws of arms to take

Owen Browning is a person with a dull and boring job to whom the love he feels for his lifelong partner is what the only one that gives color. In this way, when they are going to get married, their life will take a 180 degree turn since that same day his bank is robbed by a group of thieves known as the “Ghost Bandits”. The problem is that those dangerous criminals really are his in-laws.

See “Some in-laws to take up arms” on Netflix

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