Home Gaming New Battlefield 2042 Map Revealed, 64-Player Modes Coming to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S

New Battlefield 2042 Map Revealed, 64-Player Modes Coming to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S

New Battlefield 2042 Map Revealed, 64-Player Modes Coming to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X |  S


Along with the launch of a new major update for Battlefield 2042 EA talked a little about what will happen next with the game. This includes the launch of a new map and specialist coming next year, as well as limited-time 64-player modes for PC and next-gen consoles.

After the third update, which comes out today, a new patch for Battlefield 2042 is planned to be released at the end of December. But next year, new content will appear, including a map called Exposure. EA says it will be something special, saying it will “take map design to a whole new level.” What this means is anyone’s guess.

The first live season of the game will begin in 2022, and we will also receive a new specialist, weapons, gadgets and vehicles. We will have several seasons throughout the year, each with its own set of new content. No further details have been released and we do not yet know a release schedule for any of this.

With the release of a new patch, Rush mode can now be played on new maps, and weekly missions have been reintroduced. EA Will Add Time-limited Matchmaking Modes Later In December To Play Conquest And Breakthrough With Just 64 Players On PC And PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. On these platforms, the modes are typically played with 128 players – one of the new game features with the launch of next generation hardware – with a 64 player limit for the latest generation consoles.

EA has also confirmed its intention to continue to improve core features following complaints about the game’s launch. “We strive to continue to improve and develop the core gameplay,” the company said. That will continue in the next patch later this month, with the company reiterating that it is working to bring back apparently absent “fan-favorite systems” such as the scoreboard, as well as vague “social systems improvements.”

Battlefield 2042, launched in November, is sandwiched between Call of Duty: Vanguard and multiplayer beta Halo infinite, the last of which was released a few days after the Battlefield 2042 Early Access period began. While it was quite fun, the game was full of bugs and features such as scoreboards and voice chat were missing in the game. This has contributed to the game receiving “mostly negative” reviews on Steam, as a disgruntled segment of players is asking for changes and improvements. Even this latest patch brought with it new problems like blocking horizontal mouse movement on PC


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