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new eye of sauron watching over everyone

new eye of sauron watching over everyone


Clearview AI: Sauron’s new eye that keeps an eye on everyone

The system collected 30 billion photos of faces in social networks without the permission of their owners.

Startup Clearview AI, which developed a face recognition system, has collected about 30 billion photos from social networks, informs BBC, referring to Hoan Tong-That, founder and CEO of the company. In addition, the system processed about a million search queries for US police services. The publication notes that the owners of the photos did not consent to their use in the system.

Miami Police confirmed to the BBC the use of Clearview AI to solve crimes, and a department spokesman said the system had already helped solve several murders and was used about 450 times a year.

The startup software is considered to be one of the most accurate in the world. The system allows you to upload a photo of a face and search for matches in a database of billions of images, and then shows you where that face is found on the Internet.

Previously UK fined over £7.5m ($9.4m, €8.8m) to a US company for collecting images of people’s faces without their consent. The UK data watchdog also ordered the company to stop collecting British personal data and delete data residents of the country from their systems.


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