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New secrets have been added to Disco Elysium

New secrets have been added to Disco Elysium


New secrets have been added to Disco Elysium

Earlier, players at Disco Elysium noticed that in the game Steam there were new achievements and an incomprehensible patch. Now the curtain of secrets over the update is open, but the developers are doing this only to say: you will have to find the main secrets yourself.

The update is called “Zhamevyu”. This is the opposite of déjà vu, when places and people you know suddenly seem completely unfamiliar. The patch was accompanied by an artistic description:
You slowly turn the dial, and static hisses in your ears. Nothing is heard, except for the trills of the anomaly data. Is there anything there? Light sadness envelops you.
Stop! Back. Between the index and thumb, the hiss becomes a buzz for a second, and the ants run over your back. You hear the sounds of roaring waves; a formidable chorus of water. A small splash, and then …
“… or weaker … now.”
“… Death is an art.”
Again, static. But you have no doubts. An unfamiliar male voice talks about secrets. He is somewhere where you have not been. In a place that could be anywhere. Or there is no place at all.

New achievements are:

  • Shit. You asked for it yourself.

  • “The mentality of a predator.” * This is * what kind of creature you want to be.

  • “Lights of the sight wheel”. Restore a painting from the past.

  • “Mallen’s Mode.” The world is in black and white.

  • “We light the Gourdi ball.” Play pinball.

  • “Time for a late night chat with Kim.” He probably doesn’t mind.

  • “Authority among the eyebrows.” Make Kim reveal his secret.

  • Make Kim wear the same jacket. You know which one.

As can be judged by the words of the developers, some achievements are associated with new secrets. It will take an effort to find these secrets, but ZA / UM still voiced some tips:

  • Sometimes it’s worth stopping for a second and admiring the view.

  • Cold coastal waters, as you know, carry away the forgotten.

  • Tuk-tuk, lieutenant.

It is not clear from the authors’ comments if these advances will appear on other platforms. At the time of this writing, the aggregators of “stays” on the Xbox and PlayStation did not reflect additional trophies.


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