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new tab with AI apps and price tracking feature you won’t want to miss –


Microsoft Store for Windows 11: A New Tab with AI Apps and Price Tracking You Don’t Want to Miss –

Windows 11 users who participate in the Windows Insider Program will be able to check out the new Microsoft Store feature, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps tab. This feature was announced by Microsoft at the Build conference in May this year, where they also showcased new auto-generated application feedback summaries. However, these summaries have not yet appeared in the Microsoft Store, but they will have to be located next to the app rating, summarizing the opinion of users in several lines.

In the meantime, the AI ​​Apps tab will get its place on the left side of the Microsoft Store, right below the Movies & TV section. It’s hard to tell exactly which apps will be featured in this tab until we get access to the Windows 11 preview, but from the picture Microsoft shared, it looks like AI image-editing apps like Luminar Neo will be among them. and other tools.

In addition, the Microsoft Store will get a new price tracking feature that will show you how much an app’s price has dropped over the last 30 days. This should help you decide whether to buy the app or wait for the next sale. Other updates include the addition of the 3D emoji that Microsoft promised two years ago, as well as fixing a bug for Zune players that prevented drivers from installing for those devices.

Microsoft says that Windows Insiders in all channels with Microsoft Store version 22306.1401.xx and higher will see an AI app tab and a price tracking feature, but there is no word on when these features will be available to all users.

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