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Notes & PDF Annotations v4.0.3 APK (Full Patched) Download


Winner of multiple industry awards, Nebo is a digital notebook unlike any other. Craft elegant handwritten notes and business documents, brainstorm on a limitless canvas, and annotate imported PDFs. Nebo uses cutting-edge technology to interpret your handwriting accurately, and it can read handwriting in 66 different languages ​​and convert it into editable text. Since it has been updated to support “Dark Mode” and “Apple silicon,” Nebo can be used on Mac M1 and M2 computers.

Create an identical document, sentence, or even word by writing, typing, or dictating it. It can convert handwriting and math into flawless text and hand-drawn diagrams into flawless shapes. Even after being copied and pasted into PowerPoint, hand-drawn diagrams can undergo revisions. Your pen can be used to draw emojis and other symbols—Edit and format data with simple gestures without interrupting your workflow. You can format the document by adjusting the margins and line breaks, inserting new sections, lists, and checkboxes, and deleting or highlighting existing material. A marker can be used to draw attention to something, a lasso can be used to select it, and an eraser can get rid of unwanted scribbles or details.

Make use of the creative potential of a blank slate. By adjusting the camera’s position and zoom level, you can see things from a new perspective. Use the lasso tool to select many items at once and then move, copy, delete, or resize them. use this feature to take and revise well-structured notes; your handwriting will automatically reflow to accommodate any changes. Whether you choose to split the screen, spin your device, or alter the layout, readability will not be affected. Make your material stand out by using colored inks and unique paper designs. Include visual aids like diagrams, calculations, and sketches. Math can be written out on numerous lines, simple calculations can be performed, and the work can be saved as LaTeX or an image. You may organize your library by dragging and dropping items into desired spots. You should make duplicates of your notes, just in case.

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