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One of the best games in the history of Android is half price for a limited time


Today you have the opportunity to get the Dead Cells game for less than 5 euros. There’s no better time than now to redeem your Google Rewards balance.

One of the best games in the history of Android is half price for a limited time
Dead Cells is 50% off for a few hours, take advantage!

Scam more than 500,000 downloads to his credit and an average valuation in the google play store of 4.5 out of 5Dead Cells is, without a doubt, one of The best adventure games for Android and today is your lucky day because you can get half price, but only for a limited time!.

Do not think twice, invest those 5 euros that you have lost in your wallet in the purchase of Dead Cells and start enjoying hours and hours of fun with a game in which death is not the end.

Dead Cells is 50% off for a few hours

Dead Cells is an entertaining platform game from Playdigius that has pixelated graphics that create a truly unique environment and which is set in a large castle full of mazes that do not stop changing and expanding in which, after a failed alchemical experiment, you will have to make your way Killing all the guardians that come out to meet you.

In this game you will have to put your skills to the test, since, in addition to exploring an immense network of mazes that are constantly changing, you will also have to defeat powerful guardians to continue advancing.

But, without a doubt, the feature that differentiates Dead Cells from other similar games is that dying can help you advance, since you will be able to unlock new levels with each of your deaths, discovering more and more paths.

Thus, with each of your attempts you will have one more chance to discover new ways of moving forward. The magic of Dead Cells is that there is no single correct path and as you hit and miss attempts You will improve the skills of your character and you will be able to overcome new levels.

Usually, the price of Dead Cells is 9.99 euros, but now it can be yours for only 4.99 euros. This game is compatible with phones with Android 7 or a later version and it has a series of in-app purchases that will allow you to progress faster in it.

Google Play | Dead cells (4.99 euros €9.99)

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