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One of the most criticized superhero movies and 4 other novelties arrive at HBO Max from May 22 to 28


These series are HBO’s bet to compete in the market this week.

One of the most criticized superhero movies and 4 other novelties arrive at HBO Max from May 22 to 28
The series “I don’t like driving” will be one of the most interesting dishes this week

He HBO Max Catalog grows one more week with the aim of staying in the sphere of competitiveness against other streaming platforms. It is not the best time for the platforms and the comparison between Disney+ and HBO Max It is no longer about quality, but about the model they are taking so that their projects become profitable. Thus, there are serious doubts about their future and HBO Max is going to be renamed simply as “Max” to become more competitive and keep up with Netflix. Of course, the news continues to arrive, so let’s see What are the 5 novelties that HBO Max is preparing for this week in which we find ourselves.

The 5 news of HBO Max for the week of May 22 to 28

The five novelties of HBO Max this week are for for all tastesThe truth is that they are quite varied:

  • Shazam! The Fury of the Gods – Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • German Genius – Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • Bama Rush – Tuesday May 23, 2023
  • 100 Years of Warner Bros – Thursday, May 25, 2023
  • I Don’t Like Driving – Friday May 26, 2023

Among the premieres, the one that sounds the most is “Shazam!”, but the truth is that there is a real cover that looks incredible. We refer to “I don’t like to drive”, a Spanish production that has the wicker of being a very funny comedy.

Shazam! The fury of the gods

Billy Batson and his companions have powers that have emanated from the gods themselves, but the reality is that they are still teenagers with all that this entails. Thus, in this film they will have to fight against evil while they combine it with their lives as boys going to school.

Unfortunately for Sandberg’s film, it hasn’t received good reviews. not by professionals nor from the public. Thus, it is the latest failure of DC superhero cinema. Of course, now with the arrival of james gunn to the company’s cinematographic universe, success is expected to be greater in the following installments. Although “The Flash” will be out soon, the first superhero movie recommended by Stephen King

  • Friendly and entertaining, she is full of jokes.
  • It has action at an acceptable level.
  • It recovers some of the themes that were successful in the first film.
  • It is a superhero movie more common than the previous one.

Watch “Shazam! The Fury of Gods” on HBO Max

german genius

German Genius is committed to becoming one of the best comedies of the moment. Thus, it deals with the life of a successful actor who is now having a lot of trouble finding a new role. Fortunately, from abroad he receives compliments from the comedian “Ricky Gervais”, which allows him to adapt “Extras” in Germany. From here on, the plot will become more and more convoluted until you get a comedy that looks pretty good.

Watch “German Genius” on HBO Max

bama fever

Bama Rush is a documentary series that follows the lives of four girls preparing to enter the University of Alabama. Thus, they will have to find a sorority that suits them. while the documentary is recovering the emotional traits of a time that is very complex and strange for them at first but that is unrepeatable.

This documentary may It’s a little far away in our country. Here there are no sororities, at least not in most universities, so our university world is very different.

Watch “Bama Rush” on HBO Max

100 Years of Warner Bros – Thursday, May 25, 2023

This is the Best HBO Documentary to review your own history. For two hours and hosted by Morgan Freeman, the documentary reviews the 100 years of history that Warner Bros has behind it. There are participations from dozens of actors and directors who have provided their services to the production company, including some geniuses like Clint Eastwood or George Clooney.

Watch “100 Years of Warner Bros” on HBO Max

I Don’t Like Driving – Friday May 26, 2023

All those who have passed the driving test in Spain to obtain the license that allows us to drive passenger cars know that it is a process hard, unfair and sometimes unpleasant. However, if you also get your driving license at an advanced age, everything becomes more complicated. In this series Juan Diego Botto plays a know-it-all college professor who wants to get a driver’s license but for whom It’s going to turn into absolute hell.

This tape is based on the personal experiences of the director himselffor which reason a quite real fact is narrated in a comedy key.

Watch “I Don’t Like Driving” on HBO Max

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