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Online record on Steam beaten again

Online record on Steam beaten again


Online record on Steam beaten again

Online RPG Final Fanstasy XIV is preparing for the release of the new Endwalker update, which will be released on December 7th. Early Access is now available for pre-order players. The new expansion for Final Fantasy has brought together the most online fans of all time, although it caused some problems.

Early access to the update opened on Friday, December 3, and on Saturday, the MMO game set a new record for concurrent players on Steam – 95,150 people. If FFXIV has collected so many lobbies even before the official release of the game, it can be argued that the record will be updated several more times after the release of the game to all players.

But not everything is so sunny, at the weekend there was a huge queue of people who wanted to be transported to the world of Eoresia as quickly as possible. This caused temporary connection problems for some players. The gaps only affected Early Access members, without affecting all fantasy MMO players.

Producer Nyoki Yushida apologized to the players – the problem is insufficient server capacity.

To make amends, along with the official release of Endwalker, the developers will give a full week of free game to everyone who has purchased the full version of Final Fantasy and has an active subscription. The offer is also valid for multi-account holders and for gamers looking to play through a free 30-day period – the free week is automatically activated after subscribing. Also, the producer will not turn off the possibility of increasing the amount of compensation if the problem with the servers recurs again.

First, FFXIV was supposed to be released on November 23rd. but Yoshida postponed it until December 7 “due to his own selfishness as a game director.” The expansion will be the largest DLC for Final Fantasy XIV and will complete the story arc.


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