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Operation HoloLens: Microsoft solves the military issue


Operation HoloLens: Microsoft solves the military issue

The company will please with a new version of augmented reality glasses, but not us, but the US Army.

Company Microsoft confirmed , which is developing an updated model of HoloLens mixed reality glasses. First of all, the technology will go to the US Army. The decision to finalize the device was made after complaints from the military about previous models. The soldiers were not happy that the headset was too heavy and bulky. An improved version – IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) 1.2, is planned to be released by the end of July.

“The new HoloLens 1.2 should be thinner, lighter and more balanced,” Microsoft said.

The US military plans to test the technology in three rounds starting next month, when it receives 20 trial models. The tests will show whether the army will continue to cooperate with Microsoft. During the tests, special attention will be paid to the functionality of devices in poor lighting conditions and the degree of their visibility. In the past, soldiers complained that the goggles emitted too much light in the dark.

United States military use HoloLens since last summer. This year, after the army refused 7,000 units, the US Congress gave Microsoft $40 million for revision.

Field trials in combat conditions can begin as early as April 2025, and the full deployment of the IVAS system will follow in a few months, but subject to successful completion of all tests.

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