Home Tech OPPO Find N: what does the release of this smartphone mean for the market and buyers

OPPO Find N: what does the release of this smartphone mean for the market and buyers

OPPO Find N: what does the release of this smartphone mean for the market and buyers


OPPO Find N: what does the release of this smartphone mean for the market and buyers

Sooner or later it had to happen. Among the manufacturers of smartphones with flexible screens, after Samsung, Huawei and Motorola / Lenovo (in fact, there are more of them – about plans claimed Xiaomi, vivo, TCL, Royole and even Googlealthough later changed my mind, but all the rest are generally not noticeable in the global market, not to mention ours), another company joined – OPPO. OPPO Find N smartphone officially unveiled today and ubiquitous revision gg already managed to twist it in my hands and even make OPPO Find N review… Let’s see what OPPO has done, why, what results it can achieve and how it will affect users.

I will not delve into the technical characteristics of the new product, you have already read them, probably in the official announcement or our review, I will highlight the most important thing. OPPO Find N is a smartphone with a foldable screen in the form factor of a notebook, in fact, a kind of analogue Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3… It has two important differences from the Samsung smartphone – different proportions and almost no fold on the fold. According to representatives of OPPO, such proportions are made so that when opening the smartphone, it does not need to be deployed in landscape orientation for easy viewing. And this, by the way, is true. As a result, we got the proportions of an almost pure square with a resolution of 1920×1792 (which is not very impressive by today’s standards), but the designers have definitely achieved their goal – it is more convenient to use the smartphone in the unfolded state than the Fold, its area is smaller, and the diagonal of the main screen is 7.1 inches against 7.6 for Fold 3.

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Even though OPPO Find N uses the same Samsung flexible screen on UTG ultra-thin glass (we have detailed text about this), the smartphone uses a different one, more expensive, type of hinge loops. The result is magic that will hopefully have a big impact on Samsung’s drive to fix its fold. Nominally, the OPPO smartphone wins with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh versus 4400 mAh of a Samsung smartphone. It is noticeable that this was done exactly in order to, albeit symbolically, but give slightly better characteristics. Together with another mechanism (there is a feeling that it is heavier), with smaller dimensions, OPPO Find N weighs slightly more than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: 275 grams versus 271, although, of course, this difference of 4 grams cannot be noticed by eye …

If you look at OPPO’s strategy in terms of its actions, then you can see a course towards creating not just smartphones “like everyone else”, but the desire to be at least in something, at least half a shot, but the first. This includes a bright concept smartphone. OPPO X 2021 with a roll-up, not a folding screen. From the point of view of the company’s development and movement forward, the Find N looks like a step in the transition from experimentation to the release of the first mass-produced model. The fact that the form factor of a book, and not a clamshell was chosen as the first such smartphone (remember that Flip 3 sales account for 60% of all smartphones with foldable screens), no one expects big sales from Find N. Obviously, this is a PR product, the main goal of which is to demonstrate to companies to create the most complex technological products that are in no way inferior to the market leader. And in terms of price, they give the buyer an advantage in the form of a 20% discount over a competitor.

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So far, this question remains open, because on the day of the world premiere, we cannot assess the reaction of buyers to a new product. At the very least, the smartphone will be sold in its homeland, China. And there will be collecting the first feedback from consumers. At least, already now we can say that the bet on changing the proportions is correct – the smartphone looks very nice, unlike the Fold 3 stretched vertically when folded (it is important to note that this “elongation” also has its advantages – I somehow for a whole week I walked with the Fold 3 without even opening it, because flipping through news feeds and instant messengers on such a screen is convenient, by the way, this is another reason why I love Flip so much). And when opening this square, there really is no point in expanding (which will give OPPO a head start on the part of developers, who will need to make less effort to adapt their applications to the large screen). The maximum program is to enter the European markets (OPPO focuses on, by the way, Poland and Romania – the regional headquarters are located in Poland, and engineers from the test laboratory in Romania). We have little to rely on for the supply of a smartphone – if it sells less than planned, it will not be delivered to us. If, on the contrary, it is better, and there is a deficit (we all understand that the size of the produced batch is small), then those markets where there is already a deficit will be satisfied first of all.

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The foldable screen smartphone market is still at the very beginning of its development. In an interview gg Nils Stockdale, OPPO Senior Product Manager gave a conservative assessment is that bendable smartphones will reach 50% market share in 5-10 years. From the point of view of consumers, the emergence of a new player in this field will inevitably set off a spiral of increased production of such smartphones. That will definitely entail a gradual decline in prices. We have already seen this at first with the advent of mobile phones themselves, which have gone from thousands of dollars to tens of dollars in 30 years. Then, smartphones that have passed it in 10-15 years. The modern world is constantly accelerating, so foldable smartphones can really manage to increase production and reduce prices in 5-7 years. Again, I really hope that the example of OPPO, which has created a smartphone without a crease (no crease), will force Samsung to change the production technology and enter the production of the same models next year, so as not to look lagging behind Chinese manufacturers. And when Xiaomi gets to mass production, we will see a new price war and a new, even larger round of increasing production and reducing prices. Although intuition suggests that the keys to this market today are still in the hands of Samsung, as the largest manufacturer of foldable screens for smartphones (as we see in the OPPO Find N example).

As you might expect, after the bending smartphones hit the market, heavy artillery in the form of Samsung and Huawei (whose technological potential can’t be discounted yet), the players of the second wave began to catch up. The OPPO Find N smartphone definitely has a right to exist and rightly claims its right to a place in the sun. Users will like its dimensions, they will even more like the absence of a fold on the folding screen, which should be supported by a lower price (the usual discount in such cases should be at the level of 20% – remember the price wars of Korean brands with Japanese 20-30 years ago and the wars between Chinese and Korean brands last decade). Right now, it is difficult to say how good the sales of OPPO Find N will be, but we can definitely state that the pendulum has already been launched, and even more models with foldable screens await us in 2022. This means that we can count on an acceleration in the reduction of prices for such models (even if the form factor of the book does not become cheaper at a huge pace, and such models will objectively always be expensive).

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