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Overwatch 2: D.Va is the # 1 most watched on 18+ website.


Friday, December 16, 2022 at 4:04:51 PM, Indochina time.

D.Va, a former pro gamer from South Korea who is now a robot pilot in Overwatch 2, has become a character in the game that netizens search for on websites. 18+ acronyms PH (black orange logo) the most in the world (Several times ahead of number 2)

D.Va She has been a netizen’s favorite on the abbreviation site PH with an orange logo for many years. (Even after the trend of Overwatch games has dropped over time), but that makes D.Va once again become the number one on the 18+ teen website.

Because in the year 2022, the developer of Overwatch games like Blizzard has released a sequel game like Overwatch 2, so the trend of younger people and FPS games mixed with MOBA returns to boom many times more than before.

And in the game Overwatch 2, the D.Va character model has been enchanted by the ice wizard camp, adding more cuteness to the younger ones, whether D.Va’s hair has grown longer until he has to tie his hair. Or the shape is a little softer, according to the style of Korean women. It is not surprising that D.va’s body will be picked up by netizens to search for the most 18+ PH initials sites in the world.

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