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Path of Immortals v1.9.3.3 MOD APK (God Mode) Download


Path of Immortals is not simply an ordinary action game, but here, you will experience mystical horror stories. Coming to this game, you will control the “savage” heroes and join them in more brutal battles than ever before. There is nothing unusual here; choose your hero through each battle with the official mission of protecting the world from the demons. Change them with each different fight, rest, and upgrade to develop maximum strength.

Path of Immortals Path of Immortals


Players will confront a series of demons when coming to the Path of Immortals; that’s why your hero’s strength must be equally terrible. You are allowed to choose heroes corresponding to different battles. Or collect all heroes to make your army stronger. Countless barbaric heroes, and they are also children of angels, will join you in the wars and against the forces of darkness.


The world of Path of Immortals is really dangerous and cruel, and just a small mistake can cost you your life and lose a lot of strength. Therefore, be very careful with any area you fight, hazardous dungeons. Investigate information about dungeons where battles take place from other gaming communities and gain helpful information about the battle area to be able to bring success in battles.

Path of Immortals Path of Immortals


You can perform missions in this game in many different modes, and each level will bring you unique experiences. In addition to the official battles, you fight bosses in the dungeons; winning these wars can lead to higher levels. Not only that, but your heroes also have to fight while you rest. Not a single minute is wasted. Join at your leisure to collect unique items.


Once you’ve collected enough heroes to your liking, the player has the right to change heroes in battle or customize them to suit each of your skills. Nothing is impossible for the heroes of Path of Immortals. With your talented leadership, winning the wars is easy. After researching your opponents in battles, you can arrange for your hero to fight, which can even be changed during the official battle.

Path of Immortals Path of Immortals


Sure, you won’t have time to rest when you come to this game. In your spare time, you can let your heroes rest and regain their energy, preparing for the coming terrible war. Not only do you defeat your enemies in battles, but you also have to make sure that you can loot as many items from them in matches. Your power and popularity depend on the items you own.


Each level will bring you many unpredictable, complex tasks. In addition to fighting alone, shoulder the responsibility when confronting bosses in Path of Immortals. You can form a team with your friends, combining the power of your hero and your teammates’ warriors. Create the most incredible power to destroy the ghostly flames.

  • Countless heroic characters are children of angels, controlled by your hand and participating in many harsh battles, customizing them in each fight.
  • Capturing information about the battle location is very important, collecting information from the gaming community and bringing victory in the matches.
  • In addition to the official battles with bosses, players also have to participate in many terrifying battles with different characters, fighting at their leisure.
  • Customize heroes in battles, arrange them in different wars, and change heroes whenever you want, even during an intense confrontation.
  • Form the perfect army by combining the power of your heroes with your friends, fighting with them to defeat bosses and destroy the flames in the game.

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