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Photo Album Organizer v2.4.6 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download


Nowadays, taking pictures and recording videos is more and more popular, causing your phone to run out of space. Gallery: Photo Album Organizer is the best place for you to manage, edit and share all your digital memories in a simple way and will be neatly organized into a beautiful album. Galler displays additional information for videos or photos, such as the location and date taken.

Gallery: Photo Album OrganizerGallery: Photo Album Organizer


After recording or capturing, all your images and videos will be available in Gallery by default. This application has a spotless and beautiful interface with a layout that is divided by images and videos: just a solid background and concise text to avoid clutter and make it easier to follow. You just need to touch and move in a simple way so that anyone can use this application.


Gallery will strive to keep your device performing as high as possible, so you have the best experience possible. This app supports all types of photos, video files, and GIFs for you to upload to the app. The app will organize your photos neatly based on folders, tags, and dates so you can easily find them. In addition, you can also easily see auto-generated folders related to websites or social networks like images downloaded on Facebook or Instagram for automatic saving.

You can also organize your photos and videos to your liking by creating your own folders with different names and choosing the images you want to save in that folder. This feature helps you sort more quickly and can view or display them by different criteria.

Gallery: Photo Album OrganizerGallery: Photo Album Organizer


Gallery is a private photo saver app for Android with various rich features like changing the app theme color with the three themes provided, and you can even add a secondary color to change. Gallery supports almost all different image and video files so that you can view them at your most convenience. In particular, the application also allows you to preview photos in HD quality and play photos for slideshows. At the same time, it can encrypt your private photos and videos and group them into suitable folders for you to manage.


This is a useful gallery app for you to manage your secret albums. You can use your photo app as an alternative to secretly organize and hide your videos or photos. This feature makes it possible for you to save your private or essential confidential photos to avoid the intrusion of others.


Gallery is a beautiful image viewer and powerful photo manager, the best alternative to your standard Android gallery. You can view images and videos in discrete format or as a random slideshow, or view them in timeline order from the most recent to the furthest dates and vice versa,…

The images and videos in the application can be quickly shared on social networks with a simple touch. In addition, you can share to email or send by Bluetooth to your friends or relatives easily. In each image, you just need to touch the symbol on the corresponding image to be able to see details about each image’s information, such as location, date, file name, or file type.

Gallery: Photo Album OrganizerGallery: Photo Album Organizer


  • A powerful photo manager, photo viewer, and album store your photos or videos as an alternative to your standard gallery app with a huge library to protect your images.
  • A secret photo album with pin protection helps you hide your important photos and avoid prying from others. A secret gallery is a unique private photo and video vault for you to preserve your memories.
  • Preview HD photos and play slideshows with ease, and the app encrypts your private photos and videos so they can be divided into different types of folders.
  • The photo and video viewer does the work for you with many unique features supported to help you neatly organize by date, location, or file name for easy searching.
  • Allows you to share photos and videos on social networks in separate format or as slideshow or timeline,… or you can share to email or Bluetooth to your friends.

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