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Photoshop has detected a problem with the display driver


If you’re thinking about professional editing or image manipulation, Photoshop is the word that comes to mind. Photoshop has become synonymous with image editing. It has great potential; we can create wonders from scratch and make the best photos. Although it is a paid app, its user base is unmatched by any other free or paid version. Some users have reported that they are seeing an error Photoshop ran into a display driver problem while trying to use Photoshop on their PC. In this guide, we have several solutions that can help you fix it.

Photoshop has detected a display driver issue and has temporarily disabled enhancements that use graphics hardware.

Photoshop has detected a problem with the display driver

If you’re seeing an error message Photoshop encountered a display driver problem when you start Photoshop, the following fixes might help you resolve the issue and use Photoshop normally.

  1. Restart graphics driver
  2. Update your graphics drivers
  3. Update photoshop
  4. Disable less powerful graphics card
  5. Stop using Photoshop in a virtual machine

Let’s dive into the details of each method and fix the issues.

Photoshop encountered an error in the display driver

1]Restart your graphics driver

While Windows 11/10 can repair the graphics driver on its own – in case of a video driver failure.

In this case, you can restart the graphics driver manually by clicking Win+Ctrl+Shift+B and see if that helps.

2]Update your graphics drivers

Graphics drivers play an important role in the proper operation of Adobe Photoshop and other graphics or multimedia applications. Thus, if you have outdated or corrupted graphics drivers, chances are high that you will encounter errors like Photoshop has detected a display driver issue. To fix the issues, you need to update your GPUcard drivers to their latest version and then see if the issue is resolved or not.

You can use any of the methods below to update your graphics drivers:

3]Update Photoshop

While updates add new features, they also serve to fix bugs and address vulnerabilities and compatibility issues. Updating Photoshop to the latest version is one way to avoid crashes. The error can be caused by corrupted files or other issues in Photoshop files. You need to update it to the latest version to fix this.

To update Photoshop on Windows,

  • Launch Photoshop and click Help bar
  • Then select updates. It will open Adobe login page in the default web browser. Sign in with the Adobe credentials associated with your account and follow the on-screen instructions to update to the latest version.

4]Disable less powerful graphics card

If you’re using a PC with multiple graphics cards, disable the less powerful one so Photoshop runs on the powerful one that supports all of its features. Sometimes you may encounter these errors because your less powerful graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements set by Adobe. You should disable the less powerful graphics card and see if that solves the problem. Before disconnecting a less powerful graphics card, make sure your monitor’s video output is connected to a dedicated graphics card.

To disable a less powerful graphics card on your PC,

  • Press start menu and search device manager
  • Open device manager from the results. Expand Display adapters and right click less powerful card on your PC.
  • Then select Disable from the options.

5]Stop using Photoshop in the virtual machine

Virtual machines rely on system resources to run smoothly. According to Adobe, the developer of Photoshop, virtual machines are not suitable for running Photoshop as they haven’t fully tested it in virtual machines. Under no circumstances is it recommended to run Photoshop in a virtual machine, as you may encounter many bugs regarding graphics or the inability to use the great features that make Photoshop unique among others.

These are the various ways in which you can fix the problem that Photoshop has encountered with the display driver.

How to fix that Photoshop has detected a display driver issue?

When you see the error that Photoshop encountered a display driver problem when opening it, you can fix the error by updating your graphics card, updating Photoshop, or by disabling a less powerful graphics card on your PC. You may also see this error if you are using Photoshop in virtual machines.

How to fix Adobe Photoshop GPU Not Detected or GPU Not Detected Error?

There are many ways by which you can fix Adobe Photoshop GPU Not Detecting or Not Detecting GPU. You need to update your graphics cards, update Photoshop, enable “Use graphics card in Photoshop”, etc.

Photoshop has detected a problem with the display driver

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