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PlayStation 5 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been released by Sony.


Friday, July 21, 2023, 10:01:22 PM Indochina time

Excited for PlayStation and Spider-Man fans, Sony teamed up with Insomniac Games to launch a bundle of games. PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Pack In a big way at last San Diego Comic-Con.

set Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Set It will be available in both a Standard Edition (with disc slot) and a Digital Edition (without disc slot). Those who already have the device can purchase the cover and DualSense Wireless controller separately.


And for those who buy the whole set, there will be a game code for players to activate and play on October 20, the day the game is officially released. Including for those who Pre-Order will receive a special set in advance of both Peter and Miles as well.

The machine cover shows Symbiote (parasite that causes Venom is creeping into Spider-Man’s icon, showing Venom as one of the worst villains the two Spider-Man will face in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, portrayed as a symbol on PS5 and DualSense.

Insomniac Games Senior Art Director Jacinda Chew also spoke about the inspiration for the design.

The design was inspired by Symbiote in the game that was going to occupy both the device and the controller. But you will see that under the creeping tentacles there is still a reddish tint. This will showcase the multi-faceted experience players will encounter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It will be a struggle for both internal and external domination. And the result will be unpredictable.

besides launch Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Set Well, Sony still released.story exampleNew to let the fans scream together as well. The trailer also features Venom first appearing in the game.

In the example, this Venom could be Harry Osborn!


Anyhow, the set Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Set It will be open for pre-order via PlayStation Direct with various stores. which of course is not in Thailand But Thai people don’t have to be sad. All items will be officially released on September 1, 2023, before the full game launches on October 20.

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