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Pokemon Unearthed Secrets Kept For 27 Years | 4Gamers Thailand

Pokemon Unearthed Secrets Kept For 27 Years | 4Gamers Thailand


Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 5:24:50 p.m. Indochina time

sweetheart Pokemon (Pokémon) They are excited about the secret. easter egg that the creator of the game pokemon It has been secretly hidden for 27 years without ever revealing it anywhere before. It’s also an unintentional leak from one of the co-founders of the Pokemon spaceship logo company. crazy about games who posted a picture of an old mansion office and told everyone via Twitter said “July 5th, a Pokémon fanatic is born.”

subject easter egg pokemon that the game creator team pokemon To have hidden it is such a profound thing. because they had secretly told them a long time ago since the game pokemon first part (Pokémon Red & Green) The beginning of the greatness of the series pokemon before becoming famous all over the world and branching out of the franchise from the game pokemon to comic book manga pokemoncartoon anime pokemongame card pokemon and countless others

the secret of pokemon at the way crazy about games has been kept hidden for over 27 years, such as “What day does Pokemon start?” Some people may not want to know that much about it. But as mentioned above, this story is connected to the game P.Ogemon Red & Green because of the date July 5th It’s the same day that legendary Pokémon are discovered. mew ancestor of pokemon Born according to the information in the book. diary of researchers pokemon in the building Pokemon Mansion on the island Cinnabar Island

When all of them are linked together, we will see a very cute story that developers like crazy about games have hidden it and have never told where before, because “Pokémon’s origin was the same day that its predecessor, Mew, was discovered.” In addition, the number data on July 5th is still in the mansion like a real story.


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