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Popular YouTube Streamer Ludwig Officially Launches Moist Esports’ VALORANT Team


Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 2:04:45 PM, Indochina time

Ludwig Agren famous streamer on YouTube has launched the team value own under the jurisdiction humid eSports by Ludwig join affiliation moist e-sports In January, as co-owner of moist e-sports and Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White Jr.

Since its establishment in 2021, affiliated Humid Esports participated in the competition Rocket League, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Guilty Gear Strive, Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawlhalla and the latest is Apex Legends

when joining Humid Esports as co-owner Ludwig Has expressed that he wants to start a team. value own, but admits it will be tough as competition can be as many players tend to wait all year to compete again after being eliminated from a tournament.

After rumors spread on Twitter in the end Ludwig decided to launch the team value of Humid Esports He confirmed the news and introduced members of the team consisting of Brady “thief”, DeverAlex “aproto” Protopapas, Xavier “flyuh” Carlson, Brock “brawk” Somerhalder. and Tyler “Sim” Porter

before Ludwig said he joined Humid Esports as a co-owner because of his love for sports e-sports In which he has shown this passion, organizing tournaments like “Ludwig x Tarik Invitational” with a big team like TSM, Sentry, T1 and garrison

Which we have to wait and see if the team value of Ludwig How far can you go in the race? V.C.T. that will happen in the future

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